Welcome to the Integral Center

A "community-as-practice" organization exploring the frontiers of what
creates stronger relationships, minds, bodies, hearts, and lives.

  • The Integral Center is now closed

    Our facility in Boulder has closed. There may be other events and trainings posted on this website in the future. Thanks!

We don’t just throw around the phrase ‘relationship as spiritual practice’, we actually mean it.

- Decker Cunov, Co-founder of The Integral Center


At the Integral Center we have designed our programing to exercise multiple lines of development to create an optimal scaffolding for our community's evolving needs and projects.

  • Body

    Embodiment classes throughout the week: yoga, dance/movement, martial arts, and the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic

  • Mind

    Cutting-edge thought-leaders, world-class workshops, and a community of the adequate anchored in the most rigorous frameworks known

  • Spirit

    Daily meditation, day-long retreats monthly, regular featured guest teachers, and all the real-time karmic action you can handle

  • Community

    Cutting-edge relational practice, men's/women's groups, conscious nightlife, authentic relating game nights, ecstatic dance, and people who want to grow like you!

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Locals living in Boulder have the opportunity to become IC members and have exclusive access to our resources.
Membership benefits include:

Become a member
  • No charge for ongoing classes. The charge for non-IC members is typically $20/class.

  • Access to our 10,000 sq ft. of co-working lounge and discounts on rentable event/meeting space.

  • Deep discounts on our circling trainings and discounts to our in-house Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic (massage, acupuncture, bodywork, etc.)

  • Immersion in a conscious community of other members who are committed to having more flourishing lives!