A Higher Octave of Integration

Talk about woo-woo… Well, I am writing this while sitting at the renowned Esalen Institute (don’t tell them I’m using the internet right now, I should be in the hot tubs!). But you know as well as I do that more harmony and wholeness isn’t merely idealistic. Growth and development for more goodness, truth, and beauty […]

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I have a community. And I’m in love with it.

by Melody Markel If you know me well, you know that I’ve moved around a lot in the past 20 years (25 times, actually. 25 entrances and exits, 25 hello’s paired with 25 goodbye’s). If you know me ~really~ well, you know that something I’ve longed for all my life is community, as elusive as […]

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Taboos, Communes, & Machine Guns

How do you make ethical judgements in your community? How do we deeply honor where any person in our life is coming from, while maintaining our boundaries and protecting what we care about the most? I’m quite excited to share this recording with you between Integral Center co-founder Decker Cunov and Integral mega-pandit Ken Wilber. In […]

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3 Essential Practices

This video was recorded in late 2013 for the fundraising campaign to recover from the damages of the massive flood that hit Boulder two months before. This is a great opportunity to understand how the Integral Center came to be as Decker Cunov and Robert MacNaughton share a bit of the backstory. They go on […]

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Heroism of the Heart

We get because we give. Is that a bit too cliché? Well, like most things, it’s cliché for a reason — it’s true. But it’s so much more challenging than it sounds. If we could all get everything that our heart’s desire by giving more, why aren’t we all doing that? Could it really be […]

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Advocates For Higher Good

When you find yourself judging–and making someone or something wrong–are you wanting them to go away, or are you willing to take some responsibility to actually improve things? In this #Enactment episode with Dr. Keith Witt, we explore a range of topics including: asking for help, taking responsibility, spiral wizardry, parenting, depression, the gifts of […]

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Golden Eyes – The Moral Obligation for Integral Relating

In this #Enactment episode with author, group facilitator, and meditation instructor, Dustin DiPerna — Robert asks Dustin to share some of the critical distinctions from his recently published book on Integral spirituality: Streams of Wisdom.  They also discuss the very (almost frighteningly) similar themes in building Integral practice communities (Robert in Boulder, Dustin in San Francisco).  Both communities […]

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Connection Roadmap: The 3 Levels of Conversation

  INTRODUCTION Whether experiencing connections full of love and joy, or navigating challenging interactions, if you’re like me, you’ve found relating with other people one of the most dynamic, rewarding areas of life: A loved one’s eyes light up with gratitude for finally feeling appreciated for their unique contribution (essence?)… A deep sigh of relief from letting go […]

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What is “Circling”?

Circling (also known as InterSubjective Meditation) is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation — all designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person’s world, celebrating who and where they are right now. It’s practicing using our genuine curiosity to better understand and become a connoisseur of another person’s world though […]

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Authentic Games Everywhere

With Sara Ness and Michael Porcelli Sara Ness, the creator of Connection Corps in Austin Texas is on a mission to bring Authentic Relating Games as far and wide as possible. From her completion of The Integral Center’s Train-the-Trainer (T3) program in 2013, she has been on a mission developing facilitator trainings for Authentic Relating […]

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