Deepening Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other & Our Planet

Why spend our lives supporting communities to accelerate the evolution of its members? I figure we’re always growing and evolving anyway, whether we intend to or not, and when we backslide even our darkest moments will ultimately serve our deepest realizations, in this lifetime or another. To intentionally accelerate this process of evolving towards ever-increasingly […]

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A Pre-History of Arete with Guy & Porcelli

Hear Porcelli continue his investigative interviews on the history and roots of Circling with Guy Sengstock of The Circling Institute, as Guy recounts his contribution, with Jerry Candelaria, to what came to formally be known as Circling, and eventually the first weekend intensive course based on Circling, called The Arête Experience. Guy tells about his […]

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Circling Summit Partner Announcement—The Circling Institute

We at The Integral Center are proud to announce our partnership with The Circling Institute for the Circling Summit. Guy Sengstock and Alexis Shepperd are long time practitioners and trainers in Circling and offer weekend workshops, individual coaching, and advanced trainings. Together, Guy & Alexis led courses at The Arête Center for Excellence and created […]

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An Aletheia Moment ~ Damien Bohler

There are those moments in life where, for some reason, the veils get drawn back a little and we are thrust into a deeper experience. Perhaps we are struck by seeing more of ourselves, perhaps we get a glimpse of some aspect of another person, or we see some subtle facet of reality itself. Often […]

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The What & Why of Circling

We know the power of gaining new perspective on ourselves and our lives, and how circling can so powerfully deliver this experience. Listen to this recording between Decker Cunov and Michael Porcelli where they unpack how rare the kinds of experiences are that happen in circling, even though they seem so fundamentally simple. Download Recording […]

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Is AMP Integral men’s work?

If you follow The Integral Center, I am sure you have heard some buzz about the Authentic Man Program. As a subsidiary of our newly merged partner company Authentic World, AMP is now the men’s work arm of The Integral Center. Given that, you may be wondering: How integral is AMP? I’ll share how AMP […]

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Game Night

Our Intimacy and Authentic Relating Games evenings explore the frontiers of highly personal & interactive experience. A core part of The Integral Center’s “Conscious Nightlife” series, these events are: – Great opportunities for Intentional Socializing with fellow do-gooder’s, consciousness geeks, curious experimenters & generally adventurous souls. – Safe places for taking risks, playing a little […]

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The Integral Worldview

Integral begins with a recognition that we are evolving through growth stages in individual consciousness and culture. Each of these stages has something important to offer: a dignity, insight and capacity, which shines most brightly when combined, or integrated, with the dignity, insights and capacities of other stages. This integration creates more than the sum […]

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What’s the Integral Center?

We’re discovering it day by day. What gifts can you bring to help co-create it? Version 2.0 of Boulder Integral will ultimately be a prototype for how a flourishing community can embody Integral Principles. With a renewed focus on Integral Community and Relationship, we’re making an assertion: The Integral movement will continue to grow to […]

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Founders Give up Rights to Control Their Organization

The Integral Center First to Legally Adopt New “Purpose-Driven” Business Model Outside of Model Developers Boulder, Colorado April 2nd, 2013—In a legally binding move, founders of The Integral Center, LLC have voluntarily relinquished their rights to control their company as owners. Instead, they have ceded authority to a purpose-centered governance process called Holacracy, a model that distributes […]

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