About Us

What’s the Integral Center?

The Integral Center is a prototype for how a flourishing local community can embody Integral principles, while supporting the development of a global community of leaders, trainers, facilitators, and coaches.

With a renewed focus on Integral Community and Relationship, we’re making an assertion:

The Integral movement will continue to grow to the degree that all of its world-class theory becomes more deeply embodied and applied in our day-to-day choices and interactions. We are finding that Integral applied is a very raw and potent way of living and relating that can lead to more flourishing lives for Integralists and everyone they interact with.

Circling at Mt Shasta

Our Values:

Deepening Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other & Our Planet
Why spend our lives supporting communities to accelerate the evolution of its members? I figure we’re always growing and evolving anyway, whether we intend to or not, and when we backslide even our darkest moments will ultimately serve our deepest realizations, in this lifetime or another. Read More



The Integral Worldview:

Integral begins with a recognition that we are evolving through growth stages in individual consciousness and culture.Each of these stages has something important to offer: a dignity, insight and capacity, which shines most brightly when combined, or integrated, with the dignity, insights and capacities of other stages. This integration creates more than the sum if its parts, giving rise to new emergent capabilities. These capabilities include the ability to harmonize previously conflicting perspectives and worldviews and to see and enact solutions that have not been seen or tried before. Read More


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