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Our weekend intensive is the deeply challenging & rewarding journey – into the core of who you know yourself to be – that we’re most famous for.

First & foremost – This course is designed for men serious about having extraordinary, mutually rewarding interactions, beyond what most people know are even on the menu.

For years now, men all over the planet have been pouring astonishing amounts of energy into taking seminars & ‘bootcamps’, spending countless hours on email lists & forums, reading every article they can get their hands on…all around the subject of how to have what they think they want with women.

In a time when men are still massively out of touch with our own emotions and passion, pain & frustration with women is the one thing that consistently cattle-prods men into finally taking a look at our lives with honesty & depth.

But for men delving beyond simply avoiding a divorce, beyond learning to get more phone numbers, this journey is turning out to be more than they’d bargained for…

Men’s disconnection with women, it turns out, is simply a bread crumb trail back to where we’re disconnected from ourselves.

"Inner Game is absolutely essential to improving your relating with women. And when it comes to this inner world, Decker is a true master. In fact, I'd say out of all the guys I've interviewed, he's more 'in tune' to inner game issues than just about any other guy out there."

Eben Pagan

This Course May Be For You If:

  • You recognize the nagging feeling that something is ‘off’, when it comes to intimacy & sexuality
  • You’re already enjoying your relating with women and genuinely want to take it to an even deeper, more authentic level…
  • No matter how developed you are in every other area in your life, you still get uncomfortable or shut down with women…if so, read on…

Though the AMP Intensive can be a fun and memorable experience, hilarious at times & tearful at others, you definitely need to be ready to have an intense ride.

Course Details

March 2nd - 4th 2018, Boulder CO Enrolling Now!

Course Times

Friday - 2pm - Midnight

Saturday - 11am - 11pm

Sunday - 10am - 10pm

Enrollment Cost

  • 4x Monthly Payments of $625 OR;
  • Paid in Full: $2300

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You will have a full day of direct experience with incredibly insightful women who will tell you exactly how they experience you and feel being around you.

These extraordinary moments, sometimes profoundly moving, sometimes profoundly alluring or playful, set a new precedent that you’ll find yourself naturally re-creating back out in your life.

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Nowhere else can you find a curriculum sophisticated enough to facilitate such profound shifts in your relating with women. The AMP Intensive offers you…

1. Direct Experiences With Our Skilled, Heart-Open AMP Women

2. Unparalleled Personalized Attention

You will receive precise & in-the-moment feedback in AMP. Our courses are small (12 men), and there is more than a 1:1 ratio between expert facilitators/staff & participants.

AMP’s #1 Guarantee: Every man leaves distinctly aware of subtle behaviors that unknowingly kill attraction with women. These ways of being have often been under your radar for years!

3. Optimal Training Environment & Dedicated Support Staff

The Integral Center is perfectly designed for deep personal work & specialized training scenarios. Our dedicated support staff will see to it that you’ll have no distractions from your experience, handling any personal needs from ever-full water bottles to personal check-in’s & genuine camaraderie.

4. Personal Pre-Course Coaching Call with an AMP Course Leader

Personal Pre-Course Coaching Call with an AMP Course Leader. Your intensive begins before you even arrive…after a brief check-in exploration with an AMP Course Leader, men consistently report having huge ‘lightning-bolt moments’ around what they really want & what’s actually in their way.

  • A Deeper Understanding & Direct Experience of what’s possible in relating with women
  • Effective Fundamentals to practice on-goingly
  • Profound New Awareness of unconscious ways you’ve unknowingly been for years!
  • Access to new ways of being that lead to amazing & rewarding experiences with women

A Personal Note From Decker:

My conviction behind this work (in a nutshell):

My top priority is on people fully honoring our environment & each other…

People are authentically generous, aware & conscientious when they are happy… Today, the #1 source of people’s unhappiness is disconnection in our sexuality & relationships…

Whether you choose to work with us or not, I wish you the most rewarding relating possible. The planet will be a better place for it.



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Michael Ellsberg

“Like most guys, I thought I had everything figured out in my life–I thought AMP would maybe put a few finishing touches on me. Little did I know that it would completely rock my world, shake me to the core, and change my life forever. AMP made me aware of a lot of unfinished emotional business that was still mucking around in the depths of my soul, and which was profoundly affecting the way I was relating to women (and everyone) for the negative. Ever heard of people-pleasers? I was a major people pleaser, and wasn’t even aware of it until AMP– always running around, trying to make sure everyone liked me. How attractive is that to women? About as attractive as a limp, wet towel.

Two months ago I fell madly in love with my life partner. Jena is the woman I always dreamed about, but never before allowed myself to imagine existed. She is a successful entrepreneur, a fellow salsa addict, a well-read philosopher of life, a spiritual adept, a wickedly sensuous creature, an ass-kicking warrioress, and gorgeous to boot! We are having the time of our lives together.

The chance of me attracting a woman of Jena’s caliber into my life before AMP was approximately 0.0%. AMP didn’t “make me” attractive to her. I attracted Jena in my own right. What AMP did was clear away all the BS that had been accumulating in my life for years, that was preventing my natural attractiveness from shining through–allowing it to shine through for all women, and particularly Jena, to see. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Decker and Bryan.

Guys, AMP will kick your ass–but you’ll be thanking Bryan and Decker for it. I guarantee you will look back on it–as I do for me–as one of the most important things you ever did in your life.”

Michael Ellsberg Author of "The Last Safe Investment" and "The Education of Millionaires"