Authentic Woman Experience

Relationship and Authenticity as a Spiritual Practice

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Do you feel a vibrant, powerful, soulful, passionate woman inside you, just waiting to be unleashed?

YOU — being uniquely and fully expressed — is the foundation of real love with others and a life that is truly fulfilling.

Whether you are:
– Single and desiring a romantic partner who fully meets you — body, mind, heart and soul…
– In a relationship and want the connection and passion to deepen…
– Wanting to enrich all of your connections – with family, friends, clients and strangers…
– Or simply hungry to feel more ALIVE — connected to your heart, truth, and worth…

… the Authentic Woman Experience will profoundly enrich your life.

The Authentic Woman Experience (AWE) is a unique training in the art of true relating as a spiritual practice. There is richness available in all our relationships if we practice staying deeply connected to ourselves and our truth WHILE feeling, hearing and connecting to others in the moment. However, relationships can be the toughest place to stay centered and true to ourselves! AWE was designed for women, by women, to heal and develop our sacred feminine strengths, our ability to be authentic, and our ability to be an invitation for love.

The world needs women who are able to unflinchingly speak their truth with an open heart. The planet, the evolution of consciousness, and our communities are served by the feminine voice… by women who know how to lead and communicate powerfully from the heart. This is most available when women trust themselves and feel nourished from the inside out. AWE is in service to this vision.

This Course is For You if:

  • You have felt conscious and empowered in other areas of your life, but don’t know why the right relationship hasn’t come
  • You feel like you have to hold it together, do it all yourself, or use “masculine” energy to survive or be respected
  • You hold back your truth, play small, or find yourself being “nice”
  • You want to be more emotionally available, so when the right man comes, you will be able to relax and truly let him in
  • You want deeper, more supportive and honest connections with women
  • You long to feel more of your feminine essence: the soft, fierce, receptive, devotional aspects of yourself
  • You know – deep down – that there is so much more to you that is longing to be expressed!

“What I treasure most is that AWE has given me the tools to fall in love with myself!”

I’m a smart woman, self-aware, willing to own up to my own baggage, always looking inside and growing. But still, love continued to elude me. I began to see that I had a pattern of being attracted to unavailable men and totally repelled by available loving men. This was a pattern I tried hard to change, by giving it my all to one of those “loving” men. I just couldn’t make it work.

Since AWE I have a clearer sense of boundaries and a stronger sense of self. I am learning to meet men with curiosity instead of fear. I am learning to hold fast to the belief that I am worth it, worth a man who is sensitive and kind and who adores me. I am learning how to communicate how I feel instead of what I think the other person wants to hear.

In short, I am learning to be and love myself. The results are profound. I am gaining amazing friendships with men that I never had and learning to be around men in my body with a sense of peace and self. I can see, in their eyes, that I am glowing because of it. I no longer have this internal vision of myself hunched over, ugly and undesirable. I walk tall, my hips swing freely and my smile says “yes, I know I’m beautiful because I FEEL beautiful.” What I treasure the most is that AWE has given me the tools to fall in love with myself.” ~

Western, Creative Consultant, Bay Area CA

Why this course:

The Authentic Woman Experience is a life-changing experience that you will not find anywhere else. AWE offers you:

1. Real Practice With Caring, Tuned-In Men

Our team of conscious, loving men make it safe for you to explore and have breakthroughs in places where you’ve been stuck. They are committed to honoring you exactly as you are… AND inviting you into your fullest, most vibrant expression.

This is a unique opportunity to see how men experience you, see exactly where you hold yourself back, and practice moving beyond your old patterns. You’ll return to your life able to create the kind of connections that lead to authentic, fulfilling and passionate relationships.

2. A Powerful Process to Access Your Unique Feminine Essence

There are very few healthy models of the feminine in our culture. Whether its old-fashioned feminine stereotypes or modern feminist principles, the rampant conditioning about what it means to be a woman can put us at war with ourselves, make us hate our bodies, doubt what we really want, and exhaust us as we burn the candle at both ends. When we’re not connected to our feminine energy, our relationships suffer and we push men away–whether we want to or not! But when we have access to our feminine essence, we feel immensely more energized, radiant and available for love.

During AWE, we’ll guide you to access and express the feminine aspects of your being. But unlike some other approaches to finding love or deepening in relationship, we don’t tell you how you should behave to capture a man’s attention, or what to do to become more “feminine”. Your unique flavor of the feminine is what makes it possible to attract the right men for you and have relationships that are meaningful.

3. Transformative Guidance to Becoming Available for Love

There are incredible men out there who are available for depth, love and commitment. Do you know how to recognize this kind of man? Most women walk right by these men… not even able to see them, and instead choose men who are unavailable, immature, or dishonoring of the feminine… and then complain that there are no good men out there. This simply is not true!

There are two longings that are inherent in every person: the longing to be close and connected to others, and the longing to fully be ourselves. And yet we often learn from painful experiences that we have to choose… that in order to be close to others, we need to hide parts of ourselves away and instead behave in a way that we think others will accept. The defenses and patterns that keep us from being fully ourselves can also lead to feeling painfully alone…even while in a relationship.

With the right kind of support, you can significantly improve all of your interactions so you can be ready and available when the right guy shows up.

4. Unparallelled Personalized Attention: “Circling”

What you can’t see about yourself is often what holds you back from having the life and love you want. You may be unaware of how you create disconnection with others. You may also be unaware of what others respect and enjoy about you. The process we call “circling” uncovers your “relational blind spots”—the places where you push away the depth of connection and intimacy that’s possible. Circling also gives you the experience of being seen for who you authentically are.

Throughout the weekend you’ll be circled on whatever keeps you from loving and receiving love. You’ll have experiences designed specifically for you to loosen the grip of fear, self-consciousness, resignation, speaking your truth, being unsure of what you want and more.

5. Access to a Supportive and Authentic Community of Women

Relationships with other women are an important part of a supportive, nourishing life. They are also key in having fulfilling romantic relationships with men! You’ll get to create honest, supportive relationships with women and have the opportunity to join a community of conscious, caring women who are committed to sisterhood.

"After I started working with Shana and Alexis, my eyes opened to an entirely different way of being ATTRACTIVE."alt

"What Shana and Alexis teach was nothing like I had learned before:attract men with makeup, dating games, teasing and designer clothing. But my life was a pretty obvious sign that these tactics didn't work.

Not only was I single, I was CONFUSED about how to be myself and attract the right man….the kind of man that made me excited about life. The kind of man that saw my beauty on all levels.

After I started working with Shana and Alexis, my eyes opened to an entirely different way of being ATTRACTIVE. I saw some major blocks that were keeping me from satisfaction in love.

Now I'm experiencing the power of being MAGNETIC to amazing men. And I'm more excited and empowered about my sexiness than ever before!"

~ Vrinda Normand, Marketing and Copywriting Coach Santa Cruz, Califormia

Course Outline:

The weekend will be a combination of group exercises, teaching, and personalized attention from Alexis, Shana and our team of top instructors.

Here are more details about what you’ll learn …

Friday and Saturday are all about YOU (women only):

  • Awaken Your Radiance
    Your inner glow is infinitely more compelling than how you look or what you wear. You will shine more brightly as you discover and share your truth, needs, and desires, fall more in love with yourself, and find the courage to let others in when it feels vulnerable.

  • Unleash ALL of You…No Matter Where You Are or Who You’re With
    It is common to shut down or hide parts of yourself that seem to cause trouble or get you the opposite of what you want. While it feels like those parts are to blame, the true culprit is usually not being able to express yourself in a way that is safe for you and inspiring for others.

    Great men want not only your sassy, sexy, powerful parts, but your real emotions and vulnerability. You’ll get to feel vital and be deeply met as you start to express the full and unique range of you!

  • Access Your Feminine Power
    Feminine power is about being strong and soft at the same time. It is about holding your ground while staying connected to your heart. When you tap into the source of your strength, there is often no need to scream or shout. You will be amazed at the respect a quiet “No” will command when you are tapped into your powerful heart.

  • Discover How to Make Powerful Choices From Self-Respect and Self-Love Everyday
    It can feel daunting and nearly impossible to consistently love and respect yourself. It becomes easy when you tap into the part of you that knows what’s best for you and is unwilling to compromise. You’ll then start to find yourself surrounded by people who care for and understand you, and activities that really matter to you.

  • Let Go of “Baggage” From Your Past that has Sabotaged Your Relationships and Happiness.
    Unresolved hurt, disappointment and resentment from your past will poison new relationships…despite your best efforts. Women come out of AWE freed of dynamics that have plagued them for years.

  • Heal with Women and Experience True Sisterhood
    When distrust, jealousy, competition, hurt, and comparison color our relationships with women, our entire lives suffer… including our relationships with men! Repair trust with women and learn to create friendships with women that are empowering and a source of outrageous fun.

Sunday is about your Relationships With Men:

You’ll learn to connect with men in a way that allows your uniqueness to shine and inspires them to love, respect and cherish you.
Our men coaches bring their extraordinary presence, integrity and heart to one-on-one exercises with you. We’ve been told that simply interacting with these men has raised the bar on what women feel is possible with men. And there’s so much more!

  • Repair Trust with Men
    It is hard to escape having your trust broken. Whether it was with your father, brother, friend, boss, or beloved, when trust is broken it’s not easy to open your heart again.
    But when you bring distrust from your past to a man, he can feel it and he won’t want to be close to you for long. In this weekend you’ll learn how to trust again, including how to know when it’s appropriate not to.

  • Move from Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence, Even With Men You’re Most Attracted to
    You know how awesome, comfortable, funny and interesting you are with your best friend? You can feel that way everywhere you go, even with men you’re most attracted to. Learn to relax with men, even in moments that could be awkward. Then your interactions and conversations feel more natural, and the spark of chemistry can ignite!

  • Let Love In
    If you put up walls or facades men will eventually leave (emotionally or physically!). When you let men in, especially when it’s vulnerable, they are drawn to support you, care for you and ultimately commit to you. Discover how you may be subtly and not so subtly pushing men away, without even knowing it.

  • Learn How to Communicate Your Feelings, Needs and Desires in a Way Men Can Hear and Respond to!
    Women often think they should be low maintenance or able to take care of themselves. The truth is, we all have feelings, needs and desires. It’s not having them that turns a man off. It’s how you communicate them.

    Rather than layering your needs and desires with complaints, demands, resentments or resignation, learn to ask men for what you want and need in a way that inspires them to give it to you. You deserve it!

  • Claim Your freedom to be a Sexy, Sensual Woman and Feel Safe
    You were born to play and flirt and love with your body. Rather than dulling yourself down to feel safe, learn how to invite the attention you really want without the attention you don’t.

"I Have a New Way of Showing Up FULLY In the World… Sexy, Loving, Flirty, In My Body…A Deeply Flowing Feminine Energy."

"I'm a 37 year old woman who has struggled with too much masculine energy all my life. I was "bred" to achieve, take charge, provide and fight against discrimination. No one taught me how to cultivate feminine energy. And I was repelling men!

After working with Shana & Alexis I feel amazing! When I walk down a city street and turn on my feminine energy, men smile and pay attention to me! On a recent date, I felt sexy and self-expressed all night. We both shared what we were nervous about and had deep conversation from the very beginning.

The intimacy was so juicy! Being real works! The whole evening was a breakthrough; a new way of showing up fully in the world as sexy, loving, flirty, in my body…a deeply flowing feminine energy. It was the best date of my life because I was more myself than I've ever been.

~Lori McDaniel Oakland, California


"I saw huge changes in me and all the other women. I felt stronger and freer, trusting and valuing myself…"

"Alexis and Shana are doing PHENOMENAL work. As an experienced psychotherapist, I am astounded by how quickly and effectively they help participants break through blocks and change old patterns.

I really appreciate the balance of wisdom, intelligence, and emotional sensitivity they bring. I felt deeply seen and appreciated, at the same time as they called me out on ways I was unconsciously selling myself short. I saw huge changes in me and all the other women. I left feeling stronger and freer, trusting and valuing myself and others more; the impact on my relationships has been profound.

~Laura W, Psychotherapist

San Francisco, California


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Don’t Miss This!

Alexis will be hosting the Integral Center’s bi-monthly Game Night on Oct 15th from 7-9pm, offering fun relating games on Attraction & Desire. Come to this lively co-ed event, get to know Alexis, and stay afterward for an Authentic Woman Experience Q&A with Alexis and AWE program graduates at 9pm!

How can we practice and flow in relationship so that we encourage growth for both people? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by evolving men and women. Join Alexis & Shana for a free conference call on Oct 17th at 7pm MT and get a taste of Relationship as a Spiritual Practice. Get in touch with the unique ways you can give your gifts to the people you love!

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About Us

Alexis Shepperd, Ph.D., and Shana James, M.A., are the co-founders of the Authentic Woman Experience (AWE), a series of life-changing workshops and products for women. AWE is dedicated to women being fully, authentically themselves, having lives they love, real sisterhood, and profound intimacy and connection… including soulful, hot romantic relationships.

Alexis and Shana have been coaching individuals, couples and groups for over a decade. They are two of the founders of the integral relational practice known as “circling” and are senior course-leaders for Authentic World and Integral Center workshops, including AMP, TCLT, Aletheia and Train-the-Trainer (T3) courses. Ultimately, they are inspired live what they teach and to call out the wild beautiful feminine heart and the unique voice of true feminine leadership.

Alexis has a Ph.D. in clinical transpersonal psychology and lives in Boulder, Colorado with her partner Steve, and a household of wild integralists. Shana has an M.A. in psychology and in her spare time gardens, circles with women and is enjoying being a mother to her beautiful baby, Ari.