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The Integral Worldview

  • Integral begins with a recognition that we are evolving through growth stages in individual consciousness and culture.
  • Each of these stages has something important to offer: a dignity, insight and capacity, which shines most brightly when combined, or integrated, with the dignity, insights and capacities of other stages.
  • This integration creates more than the sum if its parts, giving rise to new emergent capabilities.
  • These capabilities include the ability to harmonize previously conflicting perspectives and worldviews and to see and enact solutions that have not been seen or tried before.

The Integral worldview is an emerging public philosophical agreement, and a new way of being human. Integral is used by individuals who can see and appreciate all other worldviews. These people find ways to take the best of these views and harmonize them into coherent social structures that point the way to what is worth doing in fields as diverse as religion, politics, business and personal transformation. Integralists are keen on the development of strategies to effect change in people, institutions and culture. Integral adherents believe that an emerging combination of theory and skillful means will have far- ranging effects similar to those experienced by humankind through the philosophy of the western enlightenment, which emerged as pubic philosophical agreement about 300 years ago. The Enlightenment provided an intellectual foundation which changed the world forever, out of which arose fundamental pillars of our current world including Democracy, individual rights, liberal arts education, religious freedoms, and free enterprise just to name a few. Integralists believe that Integral philosophy, theory and practice is poised to create a similar shift in the evolution of human consciousness, which will provide better solutions to many of the most pressing problems confronted by humanity today.

Some Core Values of the Integral Worldview.

  1. Supporting the ongoing evolution of all human beings.
  2. Confidence in the potential of evolutionary and developmental philosophy.
  3. Appreciation of natural growth hierarchies.
  4. Low antibodies to change and willingness to engage in the process of change.
  5. Realization that truth is fixed only at a given state and stage of human development.
  6. Harmonization of previously conflicting world views: Science and Religion, Ascending and Descending paths of Spirituality, Interior and exterior.
  7. Personal responsibility that is solution- oriented. No deconstruction without a new solution. We “criticize by creating”.
  8. The return (in their healthy forms) of parts of consciousness and culture that have been cut off, through processes like shadow work.
  9. The ability to find a functional fit for the situation, something that works- without absolutes.
  10. Metabolizing the whole spiral of developmental stages through the ability to see the entire spiral and to digest and use all the insights and tools of all ways of being human.
  11. A flex flow approach to problem solving, more than one right answer.
  12. Seeing all reality as arising in four quadrants with four primary perspectives, Subjective (individual interior) Intersubjective, (collective interior) Interobjective (collective exterior); Behavioral. Individual exterior).
  13. Useful orienting generalizations given to the world: States and Stages; the Pre-trans Fallacy; AQAL model, (quadrants, levels, lines, states and types). Level/ line pathologies, etc.
  14. Opening into the highest states and stages available- aspiring to the place beyond current conceptions of the self that is revealed in the “spiritual experience” and operation from that state and evolutionary stage.
    Practice, Practice, Practice.

Learn More:

AQALMapDetail-300x204A Primer on Integral Theory by Boulder Integral Founder Jeff Salzman

What is the Integral Movement?
By Corey deVos and Integral Life

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Updates for Week of April 15th, 2013

Featured Events:

Family Constellations Presentation & Experiential w/Jack Blackwell
Tuesday April 16th, 6:30-9:30pm Middle Room
Experience the power of ancestral healing to transform your relationships and your life!
Family Constellations work accelerates your personal healing process by gently uncovering what needs to change in order for you to experience optimal well-being.

Boulder Men’s Experience 17 – Thursday April 18th, 7-9:45pm
The BME is a monthly gathering for conscious men who want to connect, offer and receive support, stretch into our edges, have fun, and honor each other as men.

Spiral Dynamics Integral – Applications and Advanced Study with Don Beck
This is a last-minute scheduled, special gathering with Don!
Monday April 22nd, 7pm – Chapel Room
Livestream and Facebook links coming soon!

New Yoga Class on Monday evenings starting April 29th
Classical Hatha Yoga with Deborah McNamara, Mondays 7-8:15pm in the Meditation Hall.
Deborah’s classes offer the opportunity to practice the art of mindfully synchronizing bodily movement with the breath. Students are invited to work with principles of alignment – both structural as well as the aligning of intention with action and movement: invoking the practice of moving in the world with embodied grace, integrity, clarity, and openness. Classes invite a heart-filled, full bodied participation – where rest, surrender and nourishment can take root.

Integral Relationships With Martin Ucik and Fabienne Meuleman
Introduction, Friday, April 26, 7-10pm (Chapel)
Workshop Saturday and Sunday April 27-28th
The Integral relationship approach is a meta-model that integrates the wisdom from 200+ relationship books and places them into Ken Wilber’s AQAL Model. The Integral knowledge and over 20 experiential workshop exercises allow you to embody the model so that you can heal, learn and grow with your partner in a co-created, sustainable love relationship.
Livestream Link for Intro evening:

Game Night – Tuesday April 30th, 7-9pm, Chapel Room
Our Intimacy and Authentic Relating Games evenings explore the frontiers of highly personal & interactive experience.

The Daily Evolver with Jeff Salzman, Monday May 13th 7-9pm, Chapel Room
An Integral Look at Current Events
Always Livestreamed:

Singing Silence w/ Bret Isom, Wednesday, May 15, 7pm, Chapel Room
Bret doesn’t just perform, he delivers a powerful transmission that is always unique and frequently transformative.  Join us for this special evening with Bret.

Aletheia ~ Integral Relating Intensive – July 5-7th
If you haven’t attended our flagship circling intensive, this is your next chance!
Also, if you have friends in Europe, let them know about our inaugural Europe Aletheia in Amsterdam, May 3-5th.

Luminous Body Level 1 Program starting at The Integral Center
Module 1 – July 25th-28th
Luminous Body is an educational institute dedicated to empowering people to transform their limiting life patterns, uncover their gifts, align to their life purpose, develop energetic healing skills and cultivate a luminous awareness that brings greater clarity and compassion into the world.  Those who attend the Luminous Body program get clear reflection on the personal patterns that are disrupting their lives, tools to transform these patterns, training in energetic awareness and the transmission of powerful healing skills.  Students who have attended the program report a dramatic shift in how they experience themselves and the world.
More info:

Ongoing (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

-Monday-Friday, 7am-8:20am, Dragon Heart Sanga – Daily Zazen, Meditation Room
-Mondays, 9:15am, Kundalini Yoga w/ Meredith McNown, Meditation Room
-Mondays/Wednesdays, 12-3pm, Circling Lab with Jason Basgall, Chapel Room
-Mondays, 5:30pm, iRest Yoga Nidra w/ Ren Resch, Meditation Room
-Mondays (Starting April 29th), 7pm-8:15pm, Classical Hatha Yoga with Deborah McNamara, Meditation Room
-Tuesdays, 9-10:30am, Authentic Embodiment Lab w/ Jennifer Peck, Meditation Room
-Tuesdays, 10:00am-2pm, Energy Healing Clinic, Downstairs Coaching Area
-Tuesdays, 12:15pm, Yoga of Union w/ Aditi Devi and Justine Sanchez, Meditation Room
-Tuesdays, 5:15-6:15pm Breema Bodywork w/ Jamie, Meditation Room
-Tuesdays/Thursdays, 5-6:30pm, Hollow Bones Kung Fu with Keith Martin Smith
-Wednesdays 3:45-5:45pm, Integral Vision Tribe, w/Maura Lohrentz for 12-18yr-olds, Meditation Room
-Wednesdays, 6-9pm, Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong with David Moore, Meditation Room
-Thursdays, 4:15pm, Invitation to Meditation w/ Aditi Devi, Meditation Room
-Thursdays, 5:30pm-6:45pm, Acrofusion w/ Cassie Drew & Ryan Hamity, Middle Room
-Thursdays, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Capoeira w/ Melissa Thomas, Middle Room
-Fridays, 1:30pm – 4pm, Women’s Circling – Living Room Style w/ Sundara Blair, Salon
-Fridays, 5:30-6:45pm, The Yogas of Kali w/ Aditi Devi, Meditation Room

Also, you can always visit the Weekly Updates page on the Integral Center website as well:
or the calendar:

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About Us

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A Confession About My Relationship

by Shana James of the Authentic Woman Experience (AWE)

There’s something I (Shana) want to get off my chest. After I share it I don’t know what you’ll think of me. You may trust me less. You may think I shouldn’t teach dating and relationship courses. Or you may trust me more. I really don’t know.

I’m going to take a risk because I keep finding that if I don’t risk, I live in fear of what might happen. I feel half alive. I don’t know whether others like me for who I really am.

When I risk, especially when I’m scared, I discover whether I can be more connected with people. And others share their vulnerable truths with me, which makes life so much more rich and fun!

So here it is, the confession:

My husband and I don’t have an easy relationship. We don’t have one of those relationships where we are always sweet to each other, where we agree on everything and never fight.

We are each passionate and stubborn in our own ways. We are wounded from our childhoods. We are scared to show parts of ourselves. We can be manipulative or harsh without meaning to be. We sometimes feel ashamed of our desires and lash out to protect that.

At times we’re each afraid we have to “get it right,” and then feel uninspired to get “it” at all. We have days when we feel deeply in love and days when we wonder if we’re a good match.

Phew! There it is. The truth.

A deep breath. It actually feels like a relief to let you know. I’m tired of being careful, of thinking I need to paint a picture of a perfect relationship to the world so I’ll be trusted.

I’m not perfect. Neither is my relationship. A part of me knows this is a good thing. I’m more in tune with the difficulties of love and relationship. But I still feel scared you’ll judge me. And I’m learning to be okay with that.

I haven’t chosen the easy path. My relationship is even more complex because I look under every “stone,” to move through any blocks in our intimacy. I want to stay true to myself and live fully. I want my husband to do the same.

It’s painful to watch the facade of relationship I often see couples engage in. I’ve coached couples who haven’t paused to look into each others’ eyes for a long time, who no longer appreciate each other, who don’t ask questions to evoke each other’s hearts and dreams.

I don’t write this to judge. My bar for intimacy is really high. And I’d love for yours to be too. Because then you can have love that lights you up and inspires you.

When you light yourself up from the inside and stay connected to your truth…When you uncover the wounds and shame that cause you to lash out or pull away…that’s when love is real. That’s when relationship lasts, rather than falls apart.

So, this year I don’t have empty promises. I can’t guarantee you’ll live happily ever after with the love of your life. But I do know that you, like other women who have worked with us, can call a caliber of men into your life that you may not know even exists! You can be treated with more respect and adoration by men than you ever knew was possible.

You can find men who are emotionally available, and inspire them to open up even more with you. You can have dates that rock your world. You can have men come closer, rather than walk away. You can have passionate, connected sex. You can make peace with “neediness” and create a life you love.

You can create relationships with women that are honest and profoundly supportive. You can be loved for who you truly are, by more people than you imagined being loved by.You can fall deeply in love with yourself and trust yourself!

This year I will continue to explore how to live in the most alive, in-love, authentic, passionate, undefended way. I will continue to walk through fear and shame, to where love resides. I will speak my truth more often and choose what I really want, rather than what may make me look good or be desirable.

I will be transparent, even if I think something makes me look stupid or inadequate. I will share my emotions even if I’m afraid to be seen as overly emotional or high maintenance. I will be me, even though I may no longer be wanted!

I invite you to join me. What do you want to create?
What do you want to let go of?
What parts of your humanness and imperfection do you want to celebrate?

If you want more, please join us for our first AWE intensive
in Boulder, CO: http://integralcenter.org/authentic-woman-experience/

With love and honesty,

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Exquisite Organization – An Introductory Taste of Holacracy

Saturday January 12th
1:30pm – 5pm

Is your organization agile and adaptive to its environment – even as it scales? Are the roles within your organization clear, yet also continually evolving, and driven by those doing the work? Is the work aligned with your organization’s purpose, without egos getting in the way?

This workshop introduces Holacracy: a real-world tested “social technology” for structuring, governing, and running a purpose-driven, agile company. Holacracy fundamentally changes how decisions are made and how power is distributed.

Key benefits of Holacracy include:
~ Effective tactical meetings to identify and process anything in the way of getting work done into clear next-actions and target outcomes.
~ A dynamic governance process that transforms work and removes bottlenecks through clearly defined authority and expectations.
~ Organizing people around purpose, free from bureaucracy and politics.
~ This experiential introduction to Holacracy offers a fast-paced, concise taste in a single session. It also satisfies the prerequisite for attending our Practitioner Certification Training.

Learning Objectives
In this training, participants will:
~ Experience a transformative governance process that creates crystal clear roles and accountabilities even while dynamically evolving as-needed
~ Interactively explore Holacracy’s self-organizing structure and double-linking paradigm, and learn how it scales across organizations small and large
~ Experience Holacracy’s lightning-quick, action-focused Tactical Meetings
~ Connect the dots to see Holacracy’s end-to-end approach to move from aim to action, and how it grounds an abstract purpose in concrete next-actions

Lead Presenter
Brian Robertson

Seats 1-10 @ $85 (Sold Out)
Seats 11-20 @$95
Click Here to Register Now http://inspirepay.com/pay/integralcenter/95
Seats 21+ @$105
For Integral Center Members
Seats 1-10 @ $45 (Sold Out)
Seats 11-20 @$55
Click Here to Register Now http://inspirepay.com/pay/integralcenter/55
Seats 21+ @$65

Click Here for more information about Integral Center Membership

We want to know that there’s enough interest in this event to justify the expenses.
If you are interested, please RSVP on the Facebook event page here, or leave a comment on this page!
Cancellation Policy
Discounted registrations for this event are non-refundable. Regular price registrations are refundable until two weeks before the event; cancellations after that point are non-refundable, however substitutions are welcomed.

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Authentic Woman Experience

Relationship and Authenticity as a Spiritual Practice. 2013 Dates to be announced soon!

Do you feel a vibrant, powerful, soulful, passionate woman inside you, just waiting to be unleashed?

YOU — being uniquely and fully expressed — not compromising yourself, settling or holding back — is what makes life worth living and invites real love into your life, faster than anything else.

Whether you are:
– Single and desiring a romantic partner who fully meets you — body, mind, heart and soul…
– In a relationship and want the connection and passion to deepen…
– Wanting to enrich all of your connections – with family, friends, clients and strangers…
– Or simply hungry to feel more ALIVE — connected to your heart, truth, and worth…

… the Authentic Woman Experience is for you.

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Steve McIntosh presents his new book: Evolution’s Purpose

On Tuesday night, October 23rd, integral philosopher Steve McIntosh will speak about his long awaited next book: Evolution’s Purpose: An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story of Our Origins. Evolution’s Purpose presents a fresh and compelling view of evolutionary science and philosophy, and shows how a deeper understanding of evolution itself can lead directly to a more evolved world. Without relying on spiritual authorities or unscientific theories such as “intelligent design,” Steve demonstrates how evolution’s purposeful progression reveals profound truths about the universe that are compatible with many forms of contemporary spirituality. The event will consist a 45 minute presentation followed by an audience dialogue.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 7 – 9pm
The Integral Center, Chapel Room
2805 Broadway St. Boulder, 80304

“Evolution’s Purpose is a masterpiece!. . .”
—Andrew Cohen, author of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and founder of EnlightenNext

“Steve McIntosh’s brilliant ideas are both stimulating and comforting . . .”
—Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

“McIntosh is persuasive in his arguments. . . .”
—Holmes Rolston III, Ph.D winner of the 2003 Templeton prize, and author of Environmental Ethics

“Evolution’s Purpose is truly excellent, clear and convincing. . . .”
—Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Distinguished system scientist, and author of over 30 books on evolution.

“This seminal book places the Evolutionary Worldview on the “memetic map” of global culture. . . .”
—Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist and founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

STEVE MCINTOSH J.D. is a leader in the integral philosophy movement and author of the books: Evolution’s Purpose and Integral Consciousness. He is also a co-founder of the new think tank: The Institute for Cultural Evolution. In addition to the think tank and his work in philosophy, McIntosh has had a variety of other successful careers, including founding the consumer products company Now & Zen, practicing law with one of America’s biggest firms, working as an executive with Celestial Seasonings Tea Company, and Olympic-class bicycle racing. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and the University of Southern California Business School, and now lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two sons. For more on his work, visit: www.stevemcintosh.com

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The Integral Incubator

June 10-14th, 2013!

Bring your project – and your self –
to a heightened environment of discipline, creativity and teamwork.

A five-day bootcamp for self-discovery and professional development.
Led by Jeff Salzman, Decker Cunov, and a team of top Integral coaches.
Plus mega-pandit Ken Wilber, in person!

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Strength To Awaken: Evolution For Performance

Join Rob McNamara as he guides readers through a 10 week tour of his book Strength To Awaken. Rob’s personalized tour reshapes your basic understanding of the purpose of training, provides never before seen instruction on the inner dimensions of training and performance while inviting you into what McNamara calls Whole Hearted Engagement. Enjoy rare clarity as you are taken beyond the conventions and limitations presently holding you back in your training.Rob

~ Get Multidimensional Benefits, Faster.
~ Train yourself to Enjoy more Genuine Pleasure.
~ End Boring Repetitive Exercise and Create Next-Level Performance.
~ Transform Not Just your Body, but your Whole Self.
~ Go Beyond Frustrating Limitations Through Whole-Hearted Engagement.

Robert Lundin McNamara is the authority on Integral strength training. He has been one of the world’s leading voices in the field of integral practice for nearly a decade. Rob’s rigorous approach, probing heart and pioneering training provide you with new approaches to solve age-old problems limiting the results in your training.

Introductory Evening: Friday October 12th, 7pm.
Course proceeds on Thursday Evenings, 7-9 PM:
October 25th, November 1st, 8th, 15th, December 6th, 13th, and 20th.
Exclusively at The Integral Center

Contact Rob if you have questions.

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Enlightened Leadership & The Bodhisattva Way

Enlightened Leadership & The Bodhisattva Way
with Lama Surya Das
7 – 9pm

In his usual light and lively fashion, Lama Surya Das will show us how to be a Bodhisattva, an enlightened leader, compassioned altruist, spiritual activist, community healer and Occupy Buddhism from the ground up through the Panacean Virtues as transformative practices for enlightened living.

Registration is $25. Pre-register Here.
$10 for Members of the Integral Center

Lama Surya Das will be signing his new book: Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now at the end of the presentation.

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Women’s Leadership

6-week Women’s Circle

Circle enrolling now, starts Tuesday January 29th
Facilitated by Sundara Blair and Jen Stevenson

Something magical happens when we gather together and want the best for each other.

So many things become possible that we could never do on our own.

Join us for 6 weeks of deep-dive relational exploration with our sisters. We’ll practice circling together, exploring deep intimacy, practicing being with the present moment, and welcoming whatever arises. This 6 weeks will be a journey centered around discovering each of our unique expressions in the group and seeing how we all contribute to the unfolding and flourishing of our powerful community. All of you is welcome here. Come soak in the yumminess of a group of amazing women committed to practicing.

The group is facilitated by Sundara Blair and is limited to 5 women. We’ll include a mix of check-ins, organic circling, and deep explorations of individual members in the group. No circling experience necessary.

Free for members of the Integral Center.
$340 for non-members.

Tuesday evenings 7:00-9:30pm for 6 weeks beginning January 29th and ending March 5th.

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Embodied Awakening: Qigong for Health, Vitality, and Soul Embodiment

There’s no doubt about it; these are powerful times. The world is shifting and it’s time to take up our space, offer our gifts, and ignite and embody our energetic potential.

Join me on Thursday evenings for a powerful opportunity to ground in your body, clear energetic blocks to full self-expression, grow deep roots and a powerful center, experience more life force and vitality, and occupy your space in your body, your life, and the world.

Embodied Awakening:
Qigong for Health, Vitality, and Soul Embodiment
7 Thursday evenings: 6/28, 7/5, 7/19, 7/26, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23
7-8:30 at the Integral Center Mediation Room ( )

***$145 for non-Members of the Integral Center
***$75 for Members
(save money by signing up to become a member, more info below).
Register by June 25th by calling Sweigh at 720-771-4778


In this dynamic series you will engage in ancient Taoist energy practices flavored with modern somatic healing techniques and a strong dose of divine connection. Each class will consist of an opening guided meditation, warm up exercises, then a deep dive into a particular Qigong practice designed to help you grow your energetic awareness, clear blocks, increase your vitality, and occupy your space.

In order to receive the maximum benefit from this class you will be encouraged to practice 5 times over the week in between classes (10-20 minutes a day). And, as an added incentive you will receive a professionally recorded mp3 of each week’s practice (a $45 value on my website) to support your home practice.

Practices may include:
• Heaven and Earth Meditation
• Let Go Down
• Sunshower
• Healing Smile
• Micro-Cosmic Orbit
• Bone-Breathing
• Spiral Qigong
• Divine Matrix
• and more.

These practices are not for the faint at heart Although they seem innocuous enough (from the outside, it may just look like you are sitting in a chair, breathing, moving gently, or simply standing still); if practiced with the right balance of awareness and “effortless effort” these have the potential to radically change your energy body and your life.

Beginners welcome; all that is required is the willingness to be transformed.

**** For more information of the benefits of Integral Membership (which includes free yoga classes, free intimacy building game nights, free dance classes and more, go here: https://integralcenter.org/membership/

Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, MFA, CHT, is a teacher, somatic psychotherapist, energy healer, and soon to be-“doctor” (working on that PhD!) of Somatic Psychology. She helps individuals use their life challenges as a gateways to realizing their souls’ potential. In her private practice and classes Sweigh combines cutting-edge somatic (body-centered) and energy techniques with ancient, earth-based wisdom to help people reframe their challenges, reclaim their power, and fully embody their souls. Sweigh’s training includes an MA in Somatic Psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, certification as a Chi Kung (qigong) energy healing practitioner from the Body Energy Center’s 4-year program, certification in Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, and advanced training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution. Her teaching is heart-centered, depth-oriented, and invited. To find out more to go to www.VibrantLivingTherapy.com.

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Spiritual Intimacy – an Interactive evening with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Co-hosted by Jason Gore, Robert MacNaughton, and Decker Cunov
Monday June 11th, 7:00-9:30pm

At the door: $20/Person, $30/two

Free for Integral Center Members

Barbara and the Integral Center will explore how practices for authenticity and spiritual intimacy can support a planetary shift. The evening will be a series of exercises hosted by the Integral Center team that foster connection & co-creation, interspersed with Barbara describing the supra-sexual experience of co-creation, when interactions join our “genius” not our genes.” She will also share how this fits into the emerging planetary movement and we’ll explore together how to move from 5% of the world being “conscious” to 10%, which Ken Wilber believes is the tipping point. How can local and regional hubs of shared purpose and connection serve the planetary “birth?” And how can the authenticity games and practices offered by the Integral Center be a catalyst toward the awakening now underway?

It’s looking to be a very fun evening where everyone is connecting.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book “The Mother of Invention.” A world-renowned visionary futurist, evolutionary educator and inspiring speaker, Barbara is the author of seven acclaimed books that communicate the new worldview of conscious evolution. She is teaching two seminal courses on the Shift Network, one called “Agents of Conscious Evolution,” (ACE) bringing thousands of participants together to form a first “evolutionary corps” as a global team for the planetary shift; and the other, with Patricia Ellsberg entitled “Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence”.

She is the co-founder and chair of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and additionally co-founded many progressive organizations, including The Association for Global New Thought, as well as The World Future Society. In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket with the campaign theme “To Fulfill the Dream, a Campaign for a Positive Future.” She is currently co-producing with The Shift Network a global multi-media event entitled, “Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time” on Dec. 22, 2012 which aims to unify 100 million people worldwide in heart coherence and social synergy to birth a new “evolved” era and a “universal humanity.”

Barbara’s previous books include: The Hunger of Eve, The Revelation, Conscious Evolution, Emergence and the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution. Her new book is Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift To the Age of Conscious Evolution.

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Ordinary Mind is the Way

Ordinary Mind is the Way
with Diane Musho Hamilton, Sensei

Thursday Evening, May 31 – Sunday, Noon, June 3, 2012
The Integral Center, Boulder Colorado
Price: $295.00
$135 for Integral Center Members
(student discounts available, email xmusat@gmail.com).

Joshu asked Nansen, “What is the Way?”
“Ordinary mind is the Way,” Nansen replied.
“Shall I try to seek after it?” Joshu asked.
“If you try for it, you will become separated from it,” responded Nansen.
How can I know the Way unless I try for it?” persisted Joshu.
Nansen said, “The Way is not a matter of knowing or not knowing. Knowing is delusion; not knowing is confusion. When you have really reached the true Way beyond doubt, you will find it as vast and boundless as outer space.
How can it be talked about on the level of right and wrong?”
With those words, Joshu came to a sudden realization.

Join us for this Integral Zen retreat with Musho Sensei in the heart of the Buddha Field, Boulder Colorado.

  • Practice daily zazen because sitting is important, people.
  • Become intimate with this “Ordinary mind is the Way” koan, and these two Zen masters.
  • Embodiment practice with Rob McNamara.
  • Be with the other members of the venerable Integral sangha.
  • Private interviews with the teacher.
  • Healthy and delicious meals from Tenzo Moshan and her awakened kitchen.

Register Now via email to Alex Musat: xmusat@gmail.com

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Building Bridges That Last a Lifetime

The direct path to lifelong communication and connection with your kids

A presentation for parents with MICHAEL VLADECK
June 27, 2012, 6:30 to 8:30pm
$15 for Public at the door / Free for members of The Integral Center

This two-hour interactive presentation focuses on helping you learn how to show up in the relationship with your kids in a new way – one where openness, honesty and authenticity with who you are as a person allows for your children to become more willing to share, receive support and create a deeper understanding and connection.

• See what is in the way of creating a deeper connection
• Relate to your children in ways that create respect and openness
• Create heart-centered connection that supports your childʼs deeper embodiment of self-worth
• Use dialogue to create a bridge for the mutual understanding of perceptions, feelings and needs • Help your children cultivate critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and authenticity
• Create a relationship where your child is more receptive to your guidance

“As a mentor and spiritual teacher, he is inimitable. The time I spent with Michael is marked by a deeper understanding of the person I am, and the person I hope to become—he is a true role model for young adults.”
Kelsey McCabe, 18

“We would recommend his work to anyone who wants to experience more authenticity, connection and peace in relationship with their teenager.”
David and Robin Johnson, Parents, Boulder, CO

Michael Vladeck has been a coach and counselor for families with teenagers and adolescents for the last 15 years, working intensively with hundreds of parents and children on their relationship dynamics, personal development and transformation.

For more information on Michael, please visit www.MichaelVladeck.com

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Human Elegance: The Evolution of You

The persistent problems in your life are rooted in developmental limitations. This means you must out grow the recurring problems, whether they show up in the organizational setting or in your private relationships. They are challenging you to inhabit a larger, more complex seat of maturity. Until you adapt and grow, the challenges continue to consume your time, attention and energy.

In this 10 week course Performance Coach and Developmental Psychology expert Rob McNamara takes you on an exploration of your developmental future. You will discover the most mature stages we presently know of and you will gain access to a unique and nuanced perspective on the achievements possible with your larger, more capable, adult maturity. This one-of-a-kind course never before offered to the public aims to take you swiftly into the holy grail of personal and professional work.

The transformations to be explored are pragmatically focused upon bringing resolution to precisely that which you have not been able to resolve in your life. Challenges found in real men and women’s lives, found in Business, Intimacy, Vocation, Innovation, Love, Parenting and Sex all come together with one overarching aim: Cultivating Your Elegance as a Human Being.

Thursday Evening’s, 7-9 PM, Beginning May 3rd
Exclusively at The Integral Center

$315.00 Single
$500.00 Couple
$100.00 Integral Center Members

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