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Women’s Leadership

6-week Women’s Circle

Circle enrolling now, starts Tuesday January 29th
Facilitated by Sundara Blair and Jen Stevenson

Something magical happens when we gather together and want the best for each other.

So many things become possible that we could never do on our own.

Join us for 6 weeks of deep-dive relational exploration with our sisters. We’ll practice circling together, exploring deep intimacy, practicing being with the present moment, and welcoming whatever arises. This 6 weeks will be a journey centered around discovering each of our unique expressions in the group and seeing how we all contribute to the unfolding and flourishing of our powerful community. All of you is welcome here. Come soak in the yumminess of a group of amazing women committed to practicing.

The group is facilitated by Sundara Blair and is limited to 5 women. We’ll include a mix of check-ins, organic circling, and deep explorations of individual members in the group. No circling experience necessary.

Free for members of the Integral Center.
$340 for non-members.

Tuesday evenings 7:00-9:30pm for 6 weeks beginning January 29th and ending March 5th.

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Embodied Awakening: Qigong for Health, Vitality, and Soul Embodiment

There’s no doubt about it; these are powerful times. The world is shifting and it’s time to take up our space, offer our gifts, and ignite and embody our energetic potential.

Join me on Thursday evenings for a powerful opportunity to ground in your body, clear energetic blocks to full self-expression, grow deep roots and a powerful center, experience more life force and vitality, and occupy your space in your body, your life, and the world.

Embodied Awakening:
Qigong for Health, Vitality, and Soul Embodiment
7 Thursday evenings: 6/28, 7/5, 7/19, 7/26, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23
7-8:30 at the Integral Center Mediation Room ( )

***$145 for non-Members of the Integral Center
***$75 for Members
(save money by signing up to become a member, more info below).
Register by June 25th by calling Sweigh at 720-771-4778


In this dynamic series you will engage in ancient Taoist energy practices flavored with modern somatic healing techniques and a strong dose of divine connection. Each class will consist of an opening guided meditation, warm up exercises, then a deep dive into a particular Qigong practice designed to help you grow your energetic awareness, clear blocks, increase your vitality, and occupy your space.

In order to receive the maximum benefit from this class you will be encouraged to practice 5 times over the week in between classes (10-20 minutes a day). And, as an added incentive you will receive a professionally recorded mp3 of each week’s practice (a $45 value on my website) to support your home practice.

Practices may include:
• Heaven and Earth Meditation
• Let Go Down
• Sunshower
• Healing Smile
• Micro-Cosmic Orbit
• Bone-Breathing
• Spiral Qigong
• Divine Matrix
• and more.

These practices are not for the faint at heart Although they seem innocuous enough (from the outside, it may just look like you are sitting in a chair, breathing, moving gently, or simply standing still); if practiced with the right balance of awareness and “effortless effort” these have the potential to radically change your energy body and your life.

Beginners welcome; all that is required is the willingness to be transformed.

**** For more information of the benefits of Integral Membership (which includes free yoga classes, free intimacy building game nights, free dance classes and more, go here: https://integralcenter.org/membership/

Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, MFA, CHT, is a teacher, somatic psychotherapist, energy healer, and soon to be-”doctor” (working on that PhD!) of Somatic Psychology. She helps individuals use their life challenges as a gateways to realizing their souls’ potential. In her private practice and classes Sweigh combines cutting-edge somatic (body-centered) and energy techniques with ancient, earth-based wisdom to help people reframe their challenges, reclaim their power, and fully embody their souls. Sweigh’s training includes an MA in Somatic Psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, certification as a Chi Kung (qigong) energy healing practitioner from the Body Energy Center’s 4-year program, certification in Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, and advanced training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution. Her teaching is heart-centered, depth-oriented, and invited. To find out more to go to www.VibrantLivingTherapy.com.

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Spiritual Intimacy – an Interactive evening with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Co-hosted by Jason Gore, Robert MacNaughton, and Decker Cunov
Monday June 11th, 7:00-9:30pm

At the door: $20/Person, $30/two

Free for Integral Center Members

Barbara and the Integral Center will explore how practices for authenticity and spiritual intimacy can support a planetary shift. The evening will be a series of exercises hosted by the Integral Center team that foster connection & co-creation, interspersed with Barbara describing the supra-sexual experience of co-creation, when interactions join our “genius” not our genes.” She will also share how this fits into the emerging planetary movement and we’ll explore together how to move from 5% of the world being “conscious” to 10%, which Ken Wilber believes is the tipping point. How can local and regional hubs of shared purpose and connection serve the planetary “birth?” And how can the authenticity games and practices offered by the Integral Center be a catalyst toward the awakening now underway?

It’s looking to be a very fun evening where everyone is connecting.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book “The Mother of Invention.” A world-renowned visionary futurist, evolutionary educator and inspiring speaker, Barbara is the author of seven acclaimed books that communicate the new worldview of conscious evolution. She is teaching two seminal courses on the Shift Network, one called “Agents of Conscious Evolution,” (ACE) bringing thousands of participants together to form a first “evolutionary corps” as a global team for the planetary shift; and the other, with Patricia Ellsberg entitled “Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence”.

She is the co-founder and chair of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and additionally co-founded many progressive organizations, including The Association for Global New Thought, as well as The World Future Society. In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket with the campaign theme “To Fulfill the Dream, a Campaign for a Positive Future.” She is currently co-producing with The Shift Network a global multi-media event entitled, “Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time” on Dec. 22, 2012 which aims to unify 100 million people worldwide in heart coherence and social synergy to birth a new “evolved” era and a “universal humanity.”

Barbara’s previous books include: The Hunger of Eve, The Revelation, Conscious Evolution, Emergence and the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution. Her new book is Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift To the Age of Conscious Evolution.

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Ordinary Mind is the Way

Ordinary Mind is the Way
with Diane Musho Hamilton, Sensei

Thursday Evening, May 31 – Sunday, Noon, June 3, 2012
The Integral Center, Boulder Colorado
Price: $295.00
$135 for Integral Center Members
(student discounts available, email xmusat@gmail.com).

Joshu asked Nansen, “What is the Way?”
“Ordinary mind is the Way,” Nansen replied.
“Shall I try to seek after it?” Joshu asked.
“If you try for it, you will become separated from it,” responded Nansen.
How can I know the Way unless I try for it?” persisted Joshu.
Nansen said, “The Way is not a matter of knowing or not knowing. Knowing is delusion; not knowing is confusion. When you have really reached the true Way beyond doubt, you will find it as vast and boundless as outer space.
How can it be talked about on the level of right and wrong?”
With those words, Joshu came to a sudden realization.

Join us for this Integral Zen retreat with Musho Sensei in the heart of the Buddha Field, Boulder Colorado.

  • Practice daily zazen because sitting is important, people.
  • Become intimate with this “Ordinary mind is the Way” koan, and these two Zen masters.
  • Embodiment practice with Rob McNamara.
  • Be with the other members of the venerable Integral sangha.
  • Private interviews with the teacher.
  • Healthy and delicious meals from Tenzo Moshan and her awakened kitchen.

Register Now via email to Alex Musat: xmusat@gmail.com

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Building Bridges That Last a Lifetime

The direct path to lifelong communication and connection with your kids

A presentation for parents with MICHAEL VLADECK
June 27, 2012, 6:30 to 8:30pm
$15 for Public at the door / Free for members of The Integral Center

This two-hour interactive presentation focuses on helping you learn how to show up in the relationship with your kids in a new way – one where openness, honesty and authenticity with who you are as a person allows for your children to become more willing to share, receive support and create a deeper understanding and connection.

• See what is in the way of creating a deeper connection
• Relate to your children in ways that create respect and openness
• Create heart-centered connection that supports your childʼs deeper embodiment of self-worth
• Use dialogue to create a bridge for the mutual understanding of perceptions, feelings and needs • Help your children cultivate critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and authenticity
• Create a relationship where your child is more receptive to your guidance

“As a mentor and spiritual teacher, he is inimitable. The time I spent with Michael is marked by a deeper understanding of the person I am, and the person I hope to become—he is a true role model for young adults.”
Kelsey McCabe, 18

“We would recommend his work to anyone who wants to experience more authenticity, connection and peace in relationship with their teenager.”
David and Robin Johnson, Parents, Boulder, CO

Michael Vladeck has been a coach and counselor for families with teenagers and adolescents for the last 15 years, working intensively with hundreds of parents and children on their relationship dynamics, personal development and transformation.

For more information on Michael, please visit www.MichaelVladeck.com

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Human Elegance: The Evolution of You

The persistent problems in your life are rooted in developmental limitations. This means you must out grow the recurring problems, whether they show up in the organizational setting or in your private relationships. They are challenging you to inhabit a larger, more complex seat of maturity. Until you adapt and grow, the challenges continue to consume your time, attention and energy.

In this 10 week course Performance Coach and Developmental Psychology expert Rob McNamara takes you on an exploration of your developmental future. You will discover the most mature stages we presently know of and you will gain access to a unique and nuanced perspective on the achievements possible with your larger, more capable, adult maturity. This one-of-a-kind course never before offered to the public aims to take you swiftly into the holy grail of personal and professional work.

The transformations to be explored are pragmatically focused upon bringing resolution to precisely that which you have not been able to resolve in your life. Challenges found in real men and women’s lives, found in Business, Intimacy, Vocation, Innovation, Love, Parenting and Sex all come together with one overarching aim: Cultivating Your Elegance as a Human Being.

Thursday Evening’s, 7-9 PM, Beginning May 3rd
Exclusively at The Integral Center

$315.00 Single
$500.00 Couple
$100.00 Integral Center Members

Register Today

Contact Rob for Scholarship Opportunities HERE.

Not Sure Yet?
Come to May 3rd’s Class free!
Meet Rob and see how this course can serve you.

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How to Forgive Anyone for Anything

What: {an introduction to} How to Forgive Anyone for Anything with Johnny Thomas
When: 16 May 2012, 7-9pm
Where: Integral Center, Chapel Room
Cost: Free for members, $10 donation for non-members

{a pre-publication peek at…}
How to Forgive Anyone for Anything
A Holistic Approach to Forgiveness with Body, Mind & Soul

Join us for an evening of open-hearted dialogue and practice with Johnny Thomas to explore an evolutionary perspective of forgiveness based on his upcoming book, How to Forgive Anyone for Anything. With a mix of interactive discussion and practical
exercises, Johnny will introduce a developmental model of forgiveness along with some of the key principles and practices he has identified to help cultivate and strengthen a capacity to be forgiving in any type of life situation or circumstance.

Forgiveness is a necessary ingredient of life essential to human survival, development and evolution. Countless opportunities to be more forgiving arise everyday. From broken hearts to broken bones, an individual and collective yearning exists for practical guidance and instruction in forgiveness relevant to present day awakening that reaches beyond traditional religious teachings. As spiritual inquiry evolves, there is a need for a new perspective of forgiveness that will help us to not just to survive, but to thrive amid the ongoing chaos and uncertainty of the world.

How to Forgive Anyone for Anything will be the first book to present a holistic theory and practice of forgiveness through a process of integration of consciousness at the levels of body, mind and soul. The book tells the story and the lessons of the author’s personal experience; revealing an evolutionary view of forgiveness as a transformative spiritual practice.

About Johnny Thomas

Johnny began to explore forgiveness on a level beyond the spoken word or traditional understandings after a series of tragic and violent deaths of no less than seven members of his family, including his own mother, from causes ranging from gross
medical malpractice, to automobile ‘accidents’, hanging, cold-blooded murder, and suicide. After an extended period of deep personal inquiry into tragedy and loss forgiveness became an integral part of Johnny’s spiritual practice. A core group of principles emerged and he began to write them down. These principles were then modeled in a set of practical exercises for helping others learn to be more forgiving in day-to-day life. Johnny’s simple message is this: If he can do it, you can do it too.

Johnny’s professional career spans over 27 years and includes technology, business consulting and real estate. He has held both domestic and international positions in executive management, business development and operations. Johnny’s holds BS & MS degrees in Electrical Engineering, and a MBA.

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Intro to The Productivity Game (TPG)

Monday, April 30, 2012
6:45pm until 8:30pm
Free to Anyone

You’re busy. Why would you come to this?

When you attend this working demo of The Productivity Game (TPG)…

1. You’ll put in 25 minutes of focused work towards something you care about.
2. You’ll experience how co-working makes it easier to focus
3. You’ll be ready to use this new productivity tool in your life
4. You’ll be prepared to join our TPG co-working space, mornings at the Integral Center

And that’s just the beginning. If you decide to join our TPG: Foundation program…

1. You’ll learn to see your work life as a game, instead of forcing yourself to get work done
2. You’ll have lots of support to change/improve your work habits
3. We’ll improve your relationship to priorities, planning and email
4. You may observe, like some of our clients, significant shifts in how you see yourself

Please bring whatever you need (laptop, iPad, pen and paper) to do 25 minutes of work. What you work on is less important than how. You may bring your own task, or I will suggest a fun one.

We will start and end on time. Here is the schedule:

6:45 Doors open
7:00 Check-ins, how to play The Action Game
7:15 We all do an Action
7:40 We all take a break
7:45 Discussion
8:30 End

What are people saying about TPG?

“This has been a Godsend.” -Casey Capshaw

“Really evolutionary… A higher level of productivity.” -Robert MacNaughton

“I really am focused on what I’m doing entirely and I’m not just suddenly deciding to take a quick look at Facebook, ESPN or whatever I like to distract myself” -Peter Fabish

“If you make a product out of this, I would actually put a warning label that says, Warning! Actions may be highly addictive!” -Benjamin Buell

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Emotional Enlightenment and Sacred Language with Mark England

Improve your life, emotional landscape, vision of your future, increase your capacity for joy and manifestation, all in ONE DAY – 10am-4:30pm.

Expect Cutting Edge Information and Application on:
1) The Art and Science of Emotional Detox and Enlightenment
2) How to address and process Inherited (Family) Trauma
3) The Amazing Benefits of Projection Reversal
4) Identifying the Unconscious “Negation Based” Language
(and what to do about it)
5) Understanding and Practicing the Science of “Conscious Manifestation Language”

As well, we will have Adam Sommer and Dylan Elmgreen to facilitate greater clearing and clarity, through Astrological Understanding, and Vibrational Healing…

***10 Reasons to Attend this Revolutionary Seminar:


Lead by REVOLUTIONARY: Mark England


Mark England is a Total Experience.
He brings together the pieces of “The Best of The Best” in personal development and language modeling into a Systematic Approach that helps people shift into a significantly better version of themselves. On top of all that he is extremely entertaining.

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Jeff Salzman Live at the Integral Center

with Jeff Salzman
2013 Dates:
March 11th
April 8th
May 13th
June 10th
July 8th
August 12th
September 9th
October 14th
November 11th
December 9th


Tired of the same old political arguments? Need a way to watch the news without throwing things? Want a more heartening view of the world to share with your family and friends?

If so join me, Jeff Salzman, for a tour of current events and the day’s headlines from an integral point of view. We’ll draw on the hot-button issues of the day: the presidential race, economic distribution, war, culture, entertainment — all from a kosmo-centric perspective. In other words we will see how what is happening now is part of what has been happening all along. My thesis is that collectively and individually we are evolving new structures of being which, in the bigger picture at least, deliver us to new levels of goodness, truth and beauty.

Not sold? Then come straighten me out! We’ll build in time for discussion and banter, and hang out a while after. The evening is meant to be fun and participative, so bring your passions, opinions and questions!

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Introduction to OM (Orgasmic Meditation) Workshop

March 31, 2012

We may know intuitively that sex is a gateway to getting more out of our relationships and our lives. But how do we get there? We know how to have the “fast-food” variety of sex that is advertised all around us. But sex that can lead to more energy, more vitality and more connection to our partner and ourselves? Can this kind of “slow sex” be taught? 

The answer is yes! The key is the practice of OM, or Orgasmic Meditation. In this one-day workshop you will learn (or brush up on!) the philosophy that OneTaste founder Nicole Daedone used in developing OM, as well as the step-by-step instructions for practicing it.

Perfect for singles or couples, this workshop will include:

• The spiritual and somatic philosophy of OM
• A new, expanded definition of orgasm that fits any woman’s body
• The basic OM principles of simplicity, attention, desire, and goallessness
• The 12 steps of the practice of OM
• A live OM demonstration
• Plenty of time for Q&A

A perfect starting point for both men and women who are looking to integrate mindfulness into their sex and relationships, the Intro to OM Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to start experiencing slow sex for yourself.

NOTE: All workshop exercises will be rated PG. Other than the OM demonstration, there will be no nudity, OMing, or sexual exercises during the course itself. 

There will be a free OM lab in the same space after class is over, from 4:30-5:30 pm. If you are interested in trying OM with the guidance of trained OM coaches, you are welcome to stay. That said, the free OM Lab is completely optional. 


Date: March 31, 2012
Time: 9:00am-4:30pm (with a free, optional OM circle to follow from 4:30-5:30)
Location: The Integral Center, 2805 Broadway (please use Northmost entrance on Broadway)

Price: $195 ($149 for members of the Integral Center; repeat attendees are welcome to attend again for just $49!!)

Register here: http://www.kellynotaras.com/intro

Kelly Notaras is a sex and relationship consultant. She studied slow sex, man-woman dynamics, and communication under Nicole Daedone—the founder of OneTaste and the creator of the groundbreaking practice of OM (Orgasmic Meditation). Kelly edited Nicole’s book Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female
Orgasm, co-led several couples retreats with Nicole, and served as faculty for the 2011 OneTaste Certified Coach Training Program. For more information, visit www.kellynotaras.com

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Train the Trainer

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Experiencing the Flow with Bence Ganti

Saturday April 7th – 9am to 6pm with 90 minute lunch break
$195 for Integral Center members
$295 Regular Price
Scholarships available

Experiencing the Flow is the title of Rassouli’s painting just like the subject of the workshop I am offering you. Flow happens when you are yourself and act out of the moment. To be in the flow is to be directly connected to your source and to become an expression of it. For that, you have to let go of your ego and your persona then nothing remains but the expression of your uniqe self. The yellow color represents this stage (SDi), combined with Csikszentmihalyi’s flow concept and Bence’s flow principles. It adds up to magical and sacred group moments; to a space where healing and transformation occur. In our Integral Flow Experience workshops I provide a safe container for that work and make sure, that all the participants in the group can get connected right from where they are.

“I found this work exquisite and unique and I feel blessed that I can be a part of it!” (Christina)

Flow is a heightened awareness of what is, of what is with the self and the other person, expressed in the we-space and turned into a vision-logic group exercise. It’s the combination of meditation and groupwork through movement, dance, bodywork, contact exercises and group-psychotherapeutic techniques.

“It’s very interesting, exciting and playful. It is deeply communal, an experiential thing.” (Steve)

People usually experience these states of mind during meditation retreats, psychedelic or holotropic sessions. In the flow groups we utilize the power of the group consciousness. When you reach the moment of full self expression, coupled with equanimity then you „fall into the flow”. It’s a state of mind and perception. You see synchronicities around you and you perceive causation being so complex that you realize there is actually not one cause behind the phenomenon but many. At that moment your rational mind drops and gives way to perceiving a higher reality of multicausality, and you arrive at an integral level of consciousness. Multiple perspectives are seen in vision-logic fashion, expressed through movement, play or speech. The prerequisite is a highly aware mind and a compassionate open heart. It comes into being when the heart center and the third eye get connected. Spiraldynamics calls this stage system-flow and designates it with the yellow color.

Integral perspective turns into a perception of the mystical ground behind all phenomena, which I call „The Field”. In our groups we experience and play with this. In the Wilber-Combs lattice this is the position of the integral-psychic. The primary focus area of our work is indicated on the chart below.

Thursday Evening March 28th 6-9pm – “The Jazz of Groupwork”
The three hour format has a four-fold structure to hold and enable the flow.
We open up the evening with an opening circle, to share and connect, and let things come up.
In the next phase we do a nonverbal playful contacting part, to turn on subtle sensitivity to each other and establish heart centered presence. We use music, movement, dance and gestalt style exercise here.
This leads us to the next phase when someone will be selected for an individual work, and the group takes part in that.
In the last phase we sit again in the circle to share, process, and close.
With those who will return next week, in this three-hour format we also prepare ourselves for the daylong next Saturday.

Saturday Day-long – April 7th
We start the day with an opening circle, to share and connect, and let things come up.
The one day format enables us to get into deeper exercises, like the “sufferers and healers” flow work.
After the warm up encounter exercises we engage into the “sufferers and healers” process, that naturally and effortlessly opens people up and invites any issue that separates you from fullness.
The work might develop into a “general work”, where everybody is processing at the same time, or sometimes it turns into an “individual work”, where we focus on one person. At times two or three people are worked on at the same time. Different levels of experiences are present at the same time, some people are in therapy mode, some people are in celebration mode and the facilitator weaves these threads into one group process.
In the last phase we sit again in the big circle to share experiences, process, and close.

Bence Ganti, M.A is an accomplished International teacher/therapist/healer, holds an MA in psychology and has a degree in clinical psychology. Being the founder and CEO of the Integral Academy in Hungary, a foremost European school of integral psychology, he has a decade long experience in experiential group work, scholarly teaching and community building based on second tier integral principles. As a trained individual and group therapist, following the Wilberian integral scheme of development, he deals with issues, ranging from neurotic (level2-5), normal (level 4-6), self-realized (level6), and also deals with spiritual issues including spiritual crisis (level 7-10). Bence is a long-time practitioner of Buddhist vipassana meditation, practiced in the West, in India and in Burma. Over the years, Bence has developed his own group work style called Integral Flow Experience or Integral Flow Therapy, where he uses psychological techniques combined with witnessing awareness and psychic intuition developed over the years during meditation. This creates a truly integral fashion of groupwork. His integral lectures and workshops are sought after internationally. Due to the gracious flow of life he received a green card on a green card lottery, and he spends more and more time in California. He offers now his programs in the US.

“I’d like to thank you the fantastic work that you did on me. It was fascinating how you brought this whole thing out of me so quickly without even knowing me. How did you know that you had to pick me, and to facilitate my process?” (Eve A.)

“As you called me into the circle, I felt a huge energy coming through me. Then when you put Gabriel behind me, I felt deep trust and then the chanting of the male and female voices completely washed me away… Suddenly I experienced my rebirth.” (Eve K.)

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So much exciting news to share!

Hey everyone,

This first month has really been quite a fun ride… kinda like riding a wild hippopotamus more than anything else.  But hold on tight, March is looking a lot more wild already!

Thanks to all of you who joined us for our Housewarming Party on the 18th.  It was a wonderful and heartwarming evening!  Over 350 people came by and the energy was great.  This was truly my kind of conscious nightlife and we’ll definitely have more like these soon.  Also, it was an amazing treat to have Diane Musho Hamilton leading a mini-retreat with us all weekend. We’re really blessed to have such an auspicious beginning.

Become a Member of The Integral Center
and get a free 90-minute massage during the month of March!
There are lots of reasons to become a member of The Integral Center:  no charge for Yoga classes, Intimacy Game Nights, parties, Circling Lab, presentations by cutting-edge thought-leaders, dancing classes, and martial arts. You also get access to the co-working facility, discounts to our in-house Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic, and deep discounts to our weekend events like Aletheia and the BizLife Accelerator.  But the main benefit is being immersed in a community of other members who are committed to having more flourishing lives.  By being surrounded by and practicing with others who really want to grow, our own growth can’t help but skyrocket!  So come join a group of folks who just really care about discovering and bringing their greatest gifts to meet the world’s greatest needs.

Aletheia– Integral Relating Intensive - March 9-11th
There are still a few spots left in our flagship weekend intensive, Aletheia, this weekend!  For this intensive we build an extremely tight container for the transformational community unfolding that occurs at these gatherings.  Needing some new perspective in your life right now?  This is the perfect opportunity to get tremendous clarity and elucidate patterns about how you’re showing-up in every moment.  Also learn and practice how you can turn every interaction into an opportunity for greater depth, connection, and transformation.
Click here to watch a short documentary from our last Aletheia to learn more.

The new classes at the Yogic Union have begun!
Our yoga and embodiment classes have started as we launch the Integral Center’s Yogic Union.  Our vision is an embodied practice community that creates a culture of human realization and honors the lineages of wisdom that laid the foundation for our development.   Our mission is providing students with cross-traditional teachings that stand for depth of practice.  We have the privilege and responsibility of taking the Integral vision and supporting its embodiment through a transformative practice.  Our union of teachers creates a cooperative and translucent leadership while supporting teacher’s ongoing evolution.  We have the opportunity for feedback from teachers of different wisdom lineages, allowing for perspectives on how our practice has the most relevance in our evolving times.  Check out the schedule and come join a class this week!  No cost Integral Center members, otherwise suggested donation of $10/class.

Sofia Diaz teaching classes at The Integral Center – March 12th-18th.
Helping us galvanize our energy and efforts in the launch of the Yogic Union, our beloved radical hatha yoga master Sofia Diaz will be with us for a full week!  She’ll be leading several yoga classes each day Monday through Thursday, then a two full day yoga workshops on Saturady and Sunday (17th and 18th), one each for men and women.  See the full schedule here.  Special discounts for Integral Center members.

Michael Dowd — The Marriage of Integral and Integrity
Tuesday March 13th, 7pm

At this year’s Integral Spiritual Experience gathering over New Year’s, Big Integrity evangelist Michael Dowd pretty much stole the show with his critical insights and powerful presence.  As our Integral community here in Boulder continues to galvanize, stengthen, and flourish, I’m grateful to have Michael leading us forward towards greater discernment and impeccable integrity.  I urge you not to miss this evening.  No cost for members of the Integral Center.

Boulder Men’s Experience — Friday March 16th — 7:30pm
Bringing the circles together. A monthly gathering of committed men who want to deepen together and expand the conscious masculine community.  The Boulder Men’s Experience is about men getting in their bodies, hearts, and the present moment through the vehicles of relationship, community, and music.  It’s about men taking and owning their seat. It’s an exploration of the deep, sacred masculine living in each of us.  Facillitated by long-time men’s work leaders in the communty: Jayson Gaddis, Josh Levin, Reuvain Bacal, and Tom Daly.  No cost for members of The Integral Center.

BizLife Accelerator – Saturday and Sunday, March 31st – April 1st
Grow your business, make more money and live your vision!  
How? Work on your business not just in it.

The BizLife Accelerator catalyzes small business results by helping you develop proven success strategies, systematic processes and set achievable goals. With the advise of an experienced business mentor and a roundtable of non-competing, highly motivated business owners you will create a grounded strategic plan for achieving your dreams. Grow a business that is more profitable, sustainable and a joy to run.  Half-off for members of The Integral Center!  Come join us, I’ll be there workin’ on our little biz here.

Boulder’s Circling Train the TrainerBegins April 27th
A 5 month-long pressure cooker aimed at anyone looking to dramtically improve their ability in working with other people, while undergoing deep personal transformation.  This is like our  Aletheia event for five motnhs straight.  If you want the straight path up the mountain, we’re offering our best route here.  Click here to read Decker’s personal invite letter and learn more.

“Birthing a New We”  – Evolutionary Ways of Creating Community, Society, and Spirituality with Thomas Hübl
Thursday April 5th — 7pm
To lead an awake, integral existence in the midst of daily life is one of the greatest challenges. How do we express the timeless wisdom and our insights of an alive, awake life in all our relationships, in our sexuality, with our children and our colleagues at work? How does awakeness turn into our daily practice and thus into our reality?  Many of us here in Boulder are quite excited to have Thomas back in our neck of the woods.

Enneagram workshop in the Narrative Tradition with Helen Palmer
Compassionate Presence: 
Where the Narrative Enneagram and Integral Theory Meet

April 21-22nd, 2012

with Terry Saracino, Leslie Hershberger and Renée Rosario

The Enneagram is more than just an interesting typology. When combined with Inner Observation practice and somatic awareness, your own type structure becomes a container for higher states of being.  Using the Narrative panel method, we will explore type-related barriers to compassionate presence for ourselves, and for those who relate from radically different perspectives. As panelists share their inner experience, the method itself creates a field in which we move beyond conditioned awareness – not only at the cognitive level – but also emotionally and even somatically.

Well, that should be plenty of reasons to come by… and we’ve got a lot more on the way soon.  Stay posted!

Hope to see you around soon,
Robert MacNaughton
The Integral Center


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Circling Lab

Mondays and Wednesdays
12 – 3pm, usually split into two sessions

$10 Drop-in
Free for Members of the Integral Center

Please check-in with the facilitator if this is your first time joining the lab.

What is Circling again…?

Circling is our homegrown inter-subjective meditation practice in which groups of people can support each other delving into the states of awareness normally accessed through sitting on a cushion alone for weeks at a time (or years…). For the record, we’re a big fan of those individual practices AND a relational practice can massively accelerate your evolution of consciousness when undertaken with care and skill.

We have very, very rarely found a style of supporting people with this depth of impact AND with such minimal contrived biases, models, or belief systems that often come with the territory of ‘transformation’.

Our primary vehicle for supporting/coaching people begins by continually letting go of those models/belief systems/assumptions, and putting that freed up attention on experiencing profound connection with each other.

By coming to “get their world”, layer by layer, you can actually help *them* get what their life is like in an increasingly clear and rich way.

The ways in which I don’t totally feel connected to you…not coincidentally often highlight ways in which you aren’t totally connected to yourself…

And it’s a two way street…

By vulnerably expressing my experience as I’m with you, we begin to invite each other deeper, layer by layer, moment by moment. Many aspects of that process make for exquisite moments in any conversation, professionally or socially. Focusing that process into an explicit practice…has lead thousands of people to those kinds of realizations that you can look back at as the moment life would never be the same (in a way you’re happy about).

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Boulder Men’s Experience

Bringing the circles together. A monthly gathering of committed men who want to deepen together and expand the conscious masculine community.

The Boulder Men’s Experience is about men getting in their bodies, hearts, and the present moment through the vehicles of relationship, community, and music.

It’s about men taking and owning their seat. It’s an exploration of the deep, sacred masculine living in each of us.

This experience happens here every month:

January 17
February 21
March 14
April 18
May 23
June 20
July 18
August 15
September 19
October 24
November 14
December 19

Doors open at 7pm. Doors close at 730pm sharp so we can all get on the same page in terms of context for the night. You are free to leave whenever you want to.

**FAH REALS, doors will LOCK at 730pm. If you arrive after 730pm, you will miss the event.**
So get yourself there on time, masculine-style.

What’s available:

Exercises and experiments throughout the night to help us connect to self and other
Truly seeing and being seen
Belonging and feeling connected to a dynamic community
Laughter and play with no filler or bullshit
Circling, clearings, feedback, relationship practice
Deep somatic and musical experiences

Facilitation provided by Jayson, Tom Daly, Robert MacNaughton, Joshua Levin, Reuvain Bacal, Michael Vladeck, and Booster Blake and maybe a surprise guest or two.

We had over 40 men attend each event thus far. Awesome! Let’s keep seeing and savoring what happens when conscious dudes gather on a regular basis (outside of a formal, closed men’s circle) with bold intention and fun facilitation.

Cost: $20, or free if you are a member of The Integral Center.

What to bring: an intention for the nite, your truth, 20 bucks.

Please RSVP here for March 16th. And invite your bros if they’re not already invited. This is an OPEN event!

Will be held every month in 2013.

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