Dr. Keith Witt Shadow Light Q&A


In the first of a monthly series of special guest Q&As for the Authentic World online community, we’re delighted to have Dr. Keith Witt join us as many of us are reading he latest book on shadow work, Shadow Light: Illuminations at the Edge of Darkness. During this live event, Dr Keith will answer pre-submitted […]

Agreements that Support an Integral Culture

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Part 1: Why Have Explicit Agreements in Your Community, and Some (misadventurous) History Jason Digges and Robert MacNaughton talk about the value of explicit agreements in a community, and share where and how the Integral Center agreements arose. Particularly, Robert describes the “Game of Intimacy” which is an edgy set of agreements that was explored […]

3 Schools of Circling


By Michael Porcelli Here at The Integral Center people come from all over the world to learn how to create more of the kinds of human connections they want. They come to learn how to have deeper, more fulfilling relationships and how to have a more effective impact on others in general. We teach this […]

The 3 Stages of Relationship [Video]

The ARC Model of Relationships – Video

Develop your relational capacities and understand relational development by learning the 3 Stages of Relationship. Michael Porcelli presents the ARC model of relationships at the Relational Leadership Summit 2016. This relationship stage model is the foundation for our Authentic Relating Comprehensive training here at the IC.

Self Discovery, Why Bother?

Self Discovery, Why Bother?

If you want to know if it’s raining, just put your hand out the window and feel for yourself. Similarly, if you want to see what’s possible with your own self-discovery, start fostering greater degrees of attention to your life and see what comes to light. Decker shares a story in this video about how […]

How Vulnerability Can Lead to Greater Safety and Productivity


This Invisibilia NPR podcast episode inspired me profoundly.  (The particular story starts at 4:30.  The adjoining topic about McDonalds in Russia was interesting but not what I want you to hear). Imagine the culture around Louisiana-based oil rig workers. What comes to mind? A hard-working, gruff, machismo code of conduct?  Having that makes sense just to survive such […]