Mediation & Team-Building Training with Decker Cunov

June 22, 2017

Ok everybody,
Here’s the #1 best way to train with me (Decker) in ’17…

One action-packed weekend:
Expert Mediation & Team-Building
Where – Our beloved training center, The Integral Center,  in Boulder, CO
When – Next month, 15-16 July <Sat & Sun 10:30am-10pm>
Cost – $375 gets you in the door
What – Leadership Teachings, Guest Lightning Talks & Encounter Practices throughout (be ready for highly interactive) *plus a hike or two optional

Reserve your spot here

Enriching Team Dynamics
+ Challenging Leaders to Grow
= My very very favorite work since way back in ’98 (when I discovered I had a knack for it in the military)

You Are –

Some of you are consultants looking to integrate my best stuff into your own style of working with companies

Some of you are high-level communication geeks who are intrigued by how your expertise might translate in a business environment

Some of you are executives I train with.
I’m especially fond of those of you with a healthy resentment for relying on me vs having the training to handle crisis situations yourselves (have some of it in-house so you rely less on us consultants)

For those of you learning to consult for companies with me through this Fall, this live intensive will be the perfect kick-off.

For those of you who’re just in for the weekend, which totally stands alone, once you sign-up I’ll send you ‘save-these-dates’ for the on-line training just in case you find it irresistible to stay on with us through the Fall.

I’m committed to us having more energy after this weekend than we arrived with, should be an exceptionally fun couple of days together.

And If you want to take the art of facilitating intense conversations to a new level, I promise I’ll make certain this weekend sets that in motion for you.

I suspect you’ll find it to be one of the most rewarding and valuable competencies you can possibly add to your repertoire.

Hope to see you next month,
Decker Cunov

You coming!?