The Unseen Quadradical

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The Unseen Quadradical

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Artist’s Statement: This symbol, created to represent the Integral Center, depicts an equilateral cross largely obscured by the meeting of two discreet curved shapes moving in a spiral. The cross represents two aspects: The first is the quadrant cross, the quintessential integral emblem. Secondly, the cross represents masculine vertical transcendence and feminine horizontal embrace. Simple […]

The Authentic Relating Hero’s Journey


by Michael Porcelli Recently, Authentic Relating was featured in The Atlantic, told from the point of view of someone fairly new to Authentic Relating Games. If you haven’t read the article, I recommend you check it out. I think it’s a great starting point for a conversation about what is possible in one’s journey through the […]

The Authentic World


This Circle Existed May 13, 2017 Remember the day the masks fell away the voices subsided our insides collided? When I see you next, I know to expect the mask back in place. But I know your face. – Kelly Elmore, Authentic World member About a year ago, I was in Hawaii, spending time with […]

Is Authenticity a Performance? [Audio]

The Spiral of Connection

Authenticity has become quite a buzz-word these days. It’s easy to criticize and is often misleading. Nevertheless, things become trends for a reason. There’s a strong draw in so many people today to remove their social masks and show up more as their true, unique selves. If only we could all just stop performing, and be more […]

The Power of Setting Context


“Context is Decisive.” —Werner Erhard The single most powerful and universally applicable tool for creating the kind of relationships, connections, and experiences you want to have with others is Setting Context. Doing this effectively is crucial—from creating more rewarding moments, to having greater influence, to being a more effective leader. It is also a skill […]