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Agreements that Support an Integral Culture

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Part 1: Why Have Explicit Agreements in Your Community, and Some (misadventurous) History Jason Digges and Robert MacNaughton talk about the value of explicit agreements in a community, and share where and how the Integral Center agreements arose. Particularly, Robert describes the “Game of Intimacy” which is an edgy set of agreements that was explored […]

Action Research


Here’s a short (9min) video with IC member and collaborator Derrick Yoder, and Robert MacNaughton. We’re briefly talking about Action Research, and how our personal work lends itself to collective and systemic growth and maturity. We’re incubating some new experiments that we’ll share with you as soon as they hit the ground! Catalyzing Action Research. […]

Stuart Davis – Art Party

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“A rare genius. Whatever you do, don’t miss his work or his performances.” -Ken Wilber Episode 2 records live on February 26th, reserve your tickets below. Written and hosted by Stuart Davis, ART PARTY is a variety-format podcast, recorded before a live studio audience, featuring original comedy, story-telling, sketches, music, and interviews with artists. Read […]