Weekly Update for 5/24/17

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Weekly Update for 5/24/17

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Greetings Community, I just enrolled my daughter in the Minecraft Modding Coding With Kids Camp. She’s psyched and I’m happy to have her occupied at the IC while I’m working this summer. I’m also enrolling her in Dream Tank at the Impact Hub. The woman who started it was speaking at the Regenerative Future Summit at […]

Weekly Update for 5/11/17


Greetings Community, You may have noticed that Game Nights are not on the schedule any more. We plan to keep having them ad-hoc as people in the community want to lead them, but not do it unless there is genuine interest. Let Jason Digges jaydigges@integralcenter.org know if you want to lead a Game Night in the […]

Weekly Update for 5/4/17


Greetings Community, My talk last night went better than I had hoped and it was filmed! I’ll post it as soon as I get the final cut. Now I’m busy getting ready for Alex and Alyson Grey this weekend. I’m curious to hear what they’ll say this time, it’s always entertaining. In This Issue: Robert […]

Weekly Update for 4/26/17


Greetings Community, I’m deep in the question of how to give the world what I have to give. What I want to give is the means to work together to create an economy where everyone can thrive. I have a theory of how to do this, the question is where to start applying it. I’ll be diving into […]

Weekly Update for 4/19/17


Greetings Community, I’m psyched about Adam Brock’s talk tonight on Social Permaculture. I’ll be giving the next New Economy Seminar at the Impact Hub Wednesday May 3rd, check them all out at http://integralcenter.org/neweconomy. In This Issue: Jason Gore gives a stirring talk at the Relational Leadership Summit on “What the Heck is Leadership, Anyway?” We’re […]

Weekly Update for 4/13/17

IC marketing photos-006

Greetings Community, We now have 3 spaces up for rent, two offices in the basement and the Meditation Room. Please send people my way so we can get these spaces utilized in a way that is aligned with our purpose. Thanks for your support! In This Issue: Our flagship introduction to Integral CirclingTM, Aletheia, is coming […]

Weekly Update for 4/5/17


Greetings Community, I have a busy next couple weeks with courses and workshops  here at the IC, including the Encoding Self-Organization Beyond the Work training all day tomorrow, T3 this weekend, and the Across the Divide Permaculture Design Course starting next weekend. Whew, what have I gotten myself into? Well, I know it will be […]

Weekly Update for 3/30/17

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Greetings Community, I’m psyched for the New Economy Seminar Series to start next Wednesday. I’ll be attending Encode’s full-day workshop at the IC on Thursday as well. I hope some of you can join me to learn all about making businesses Teal(Integral)! In This Issue: Next week’s Spring Fever! Game Night will be led by […]

Weekly Update for 3/23/17

Spreading Conscious Conversations

Greetings Community, I’m so happy it’s finally spring. If you want to get together outside for a hike or a picnic, post on our Facebook group! There is a new office available for rent in the basement. We’re asking $400/mo, which includes one membership. We’re looking for a conscious renter who understands that this is […]

Weekly Update for 3/17/17


Greetings Community, Happy St. Patricks Day! I’m getting this newsletter out a bit late this week because I wanted to get everything together to announce the New Economy Seminar Series, posted below. I’m so excited about it! This is a culmination of months of work and forming a partnership with the Impact Hub Academy. I care […]

Weekly Update for 3/09/17

Weekly Update for 3/09/17

Greetings Community, I’m really appreciating Heather McClellan’s research on the common mistakes of Authentic Relating communities. I encourage everyone to watch her video to get an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes and so you can let us know if you’re seeing any of these issues come up here at the IC! In This Issue: Heather […]

Weekly Update for 3/02/17

Weekly Update for 3/02/17

Greetings Community, This week I’ve been working on my T3 homework, including leading my first couple circles. Being the facilitator is a very different experience from being a participant. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m finding it easier than I thought it would be, probably because I’ve absorbed so much authentic relating lingo through […]

Weekly Update for 2/22/17

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Greetings Community, We’re doing several community outreach events and trainings on social justice and environmental impact in the next few months. I love that we’re reaching outside of these walls to interact with the real world and make a difference. I hope you’ll participate in these rewarding opportunities! In This Issue: We’ll be volunteering at the soup […]

Weekly Update 2/16/17

Running a Business, Community, and Movement

Greetings Community, I’m loving the relevance of Robert Kandell’s presentation to what we do at The Integral Center and how I’ve been envisioning the “New Economy”. Combining business, community, and world-change is an Integral approach. It doesn’t fit into the clean boxes of “for-profit” and “non-profit” that the old economy relies on. I’m reading Janelle Orsi’s […]

Weekly Update 2/08/17

Weekly Update 2/08/17

Greetings Community, I really want to go to Erin and Booster’s “22 Ways to Kiss” Game Night tomorrow but I don’t have anyone to smooch on! This just isn’t right. Somebody find me a hot date please. Thanks in advance. In This Issue: Jack Butler shares his experience in Kenya and how to be an […]

Weekly Update 2/02/17


Greetings Community, It looks like I’m going to be doing T3, yay! At first I thought T3 was just for people obsessed with Circling, but I think it can really help me develop my facilitation and communication skills in general. I originally came to the IC looking for co-working space to do business support offerings, […]