Weekly Update for 3/14/18

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Weekly Update for 3/14/18


Greetings Community, The soon-to-be-former Mandala Clinic rooms will be available for rent starting April 1st. They’re gorgeous treatment rooms/offices for a low price! I can hook people up to share if you’ll only use it some. We also have plenty of weekend and evening times available for hourly room rentals through the end of June. […]

Weekly Update for 2/22/18

Enlightenment Now

Greetings Community, I hope you’ll come talk about Cryptocurrencies with Deborah Knox and I tonight at 5pm in the Chapel! We’ve been having a lively discussion, there’s so much to talk about and it’s all so exciting! In This Issue: Hear about Steven Pinker’s new book, “Enlightenment Now” at Integral Salon Monday. Daniela’s Wednesday yoga […]

Weekly Update for 2/14/18


Greetings Community, Happy Valentines Day! I have some great news, the building will not be torn down until summer and we have extended our lease through the end of June! Membership will continue and most classes will still be offered. We are looking for people to rent space for larger events, especially on the weekends, […]

Weekly Update for 1/18/18


Greetings Community, This week we’ve been processing the loss of a beloved community member, Beijaflor Essene. He passed away on Sunday of a heart attack in his bedroom. It was a huge shock, he was so young. He had been renting the blue office space in the basement for about six months, offering mirror work […]

Weekly Update 1/3/18


Greetings Community, I had so much fun at our Convergence last Saturday, thanks to everyone who came out! We’ll have another party of some sort near the end of March to more officially commemorate our closing. Let me know if you have any ideas for activities we could do during the party. In This Issue: […]

Weekly Update for 12/20/17


Greetings Community, There are quite a few class cancellations the next couple weeks but some classes are still happening. Please check our online calendar before you come. My daughter and I had a ton of fun at the Contact Improv class and Open Movement Jam last week. We’re planning to come back again tonight, come […]

Weekly Update for 11/29/17


Greetings Community, I’m excited that several of my belly dance students know enough steps now that we can really dance together! We’re planning a trip to Rhythm Sanctuary in Denver next Thursday to try it out. Let me know if you want to come with! In This Issue: Michael Porcelli speaks passionately about the Authentic […]

Weekly Update for 11/23/17


Greetings Community, Happy Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed listening to Jason and Robbie’s podcast, posted below. I appreciate the discernment of what Authentic Relating is and isn’t. I think it’s important for us to be mindful of the potential pitfalls when we don’t really walk our talk. Thanks guys! In This Issue: Jason Digges interviews Robbie […]

Weekly Update for 11/9/17


Greetings Community, I’m excited that my friend and Permaculture teacher Mike Wird will be playing here for the dance next Wednesday night! He does conscious hip hop and is super fun. Let’s get some night life going up in here! In This Issue: In the next Integral Salon we’ll discuss Patriarchy and Matriarchy. Next Wednesday […]

Weekly Update for 11/01/17

Screenshot 2017-11-01 15.51.00

Greetings Community, I had so much fun last weekend at the Relational Leadership Summit and Masquerade party! Thank you everyone who came and made it great! There are still free books and magazines available in the Reception area, come check them out! In This Issue: Hannah Davis tells us about the upcoming local election at […]

Weekly Update for 10/19/17


Greetings Community, I ordered a sexy face veil for the Masquerade party last night. I have all the jingles and the bling and the tassels and the costume. I’ve been training up a group of belly dancers Tuesday nights. There’s still time to join me for the halloween belly dance break-out bash. Don’t miss it! In […]

Weekly Update for 10/12/17

Screenshot 2017-10-12 12.09.45

Greetings Community, The Meditation Room is going to be opening up again next month so I’d like to find a full-time renter for either the Meditation Room again or the White Room below it, leaving one available to the community. The Meditation Room is $1200/mo and the White room is $1000/mo. Please send people my […]