Hollow Bones School
of Shaolin Kung Fu

What: Hollow Bones School of Shaolin Kung Fu
When: Every Tuesday/Thursday
Time: 5-6:30pm
Where: Integral Center, Chapel Room
Cost: No cost for Integral Center members, $79/mo for non-members; $12 drop-in

This is classic martial arts training with a modern infusion of core strength building, cardiovascular conditioning, dynamic flexibility, street-smart defenses, psychological and physical boundary work, mental and emotional toughness, and yin and yang balance and integration.

Learn focus, penetration, surrender, and masculine and feminine embodiment principles as they relate to this ancient and graceful martial art.

This practice translates directly into better focus and equanimity to allow us to reach our dreams and manifest our passions. Learning greater focus and discipline can also help to create and sustain healthy boundaries in all your relationships — to self, others, work, love, and culture.

These classes will include an integrated curriculum of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, including Chi Gong, Chin Na (grappling), Applied Self Defense, and Psychological Strength and Clarity.

More at www.HollowBonesShaolin.com

  • Open Enrollment is March 6 and 8.
  • Drops-ins for registered students only.
  • Limited to 10 new students.
  • Second open enrollment is April 24 and 26.

Keith Martin-Smith is the senior disciple of Northern Shaolin Master Jong Hoon Jeon. Keith has been studying Shaolin and Northern style Kung Fu since 1994. He became a formal disciple of Master Jeon in 2001, meaning he agreed to be trained in the very demanding and traditional manner reserved for the most serious of students. In 2002 he was awarded the title of Kyu Bum Nim (senior instructor) and permitted to teach on his own. Keith ran Master Jeon’s Philadelphia school from 2002-2005, leading 9 classes a week. In 2008 he was elevated by Master Jeon to a formal lineage holder and co-master (junior master). In addition to Shaolin Kung Fu, Keith has also trained in Jin Woo (Jing Wu), Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Jingui Qi Gong, and on the demanding streets of his native Philadelphia.