Rental Rates

The Integral Center rents rooms at competitive rates, and is happy to work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. Mix and match rooms, amenities, and audio visual gear to create your perfect experience. See descriptions and photographs of our rooms on the Spaces & Amenities page.

These rates include the use of:

  • Some staff time to introduce you to the facility
  • Wireless Internet
  • Furniture (chairs, backjacks, tables, meditation cushions, yoga mats, blocks)
  • Portable Whiteboard and Flip Chart Stand
  • Plug-n-Play Sound System
  • Kitchenette and Bathroom Access and Basic Supplies

These rates do not include:

  • Additional time for setup or cleanup
  • The Integral Center Staff time for setup, cleanup, or audio/visual operation
  • Catering (We recommend the Ideal Market across the street or Alfalfa’s for nice platters)
  • Sole use of kitchens or bathrooms or access to any other rooms

All prices below are subject to change without notice. Rates in effect on the date of rental contract will apply.

Integral Center Members * Non-Members
Chapel $50.00 per hour $100.00 per hour
Community Lounge $25.00 per hour $50.00 per hour
Meditation Room $25.00 per hour $50.00 per hour
Studio $25.00 per hour $50.00 per hour
Salon $10.00 per hour $20.00 per hour
Red Room $10.00 per hour $20.00 per hour
White Room $10.00 per hour $20.00 per hour
Boardroom $10.00 per hour $20.00 per hour
Coaching Room $10.00 per hour $20.00 per hour
Whole Building $1000.00 per day  $1400.00 per day


* To get the membership discount on a room rental, you MUST sign up for membership BEFORE requesting the rental. Membership discounts on rentals are only valid for events organized and led by that member. You cannot book a room for someone else using your membership rate. Events held by an organization can only get the membership rate if the Owner or CEO of that company is a member.

Additional Equipment Rental Rates

Cost is to cover staff time showing you how to use equipment, as well as reasonable wear and tear.

If equipment is damaged, you are liable for repair or replacement costs.

Projector and Screen (w/DVD player) $15.00 per use
69” Flat Screen TV (w/DVD Player) $15.00 per use
 Wireless Microphones $15.00 per use
 Teleprompter (w/wired microphone) $15.00 per use
 Computer and/or iPad $15.00 per use