Ariel Krassner

March 3, 2017

Ariel has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years, and her own personal healing journey with yoga inspired her to become a yoga teacher and get a Bachelor’s degree the ancient Eastern art & science of yoga.  Ariel studied at Naropa University where she doubled majored in Somatic Psychology and Traditional Eastern Arts (concentration in Yoga).  Her styles of teaching combine both an ancient and modern perspective on the mind-body connection.  She views yoga as both a lifestyle and powerful preventative medicine.  Ariel has also done several other yoga teacher trainings in Hatha yoga.

Ariel’s goal as a yoga teacher is to create a class in which one feels “worked out” body, mind, and soul.  She sees the building of tapas (internal heat) as an integral component of raising the vibration of the body and releasing toxicity.  She considers her yoga practice and style of teaching to be inspired by post-modernism and creating beauty with movement. Her hope is to provide yoga classes in which the student leaves in a state of feeling connected to their higher selves/source and natural resilience and brilliance of the mind-body.