Chad Bennett

March 3, 2017

Chad Bennett, MA is an organizational coach, career counselor and therapist in Boulder, CO. He has been facilitating groups for over 20 years in business and educational organizations including Outward Bound, Integral Zen and Naropa University where he has also taught in the Graduate School of Psychology.

His primary interest is studying the generators and environments of human development and he discovered the Immunity to Change process to be a most significant tool for “growing up” individual and organizational structures. His style is direct, motivating and playful as he guides individuals and groups into uncovering “big assumptions” that block development and then offers explorations to open participants to a new menu of alternatives. Chad has been studying Integral Theory for a decade as well as maintaining a meditation practice since 2003 and he currently practices under the guidance of Doshin Nelson at Integral Zen in Denver. Chad’s website is