Danny Morris

March 3, 2017

Danny teaches Mindfulness, Yoga and Cultivating Emotional Balance as a way to develop the skills to live an authentic embodied life. He weaves essential teachings from various traditions, in a clear and comprehensive way to meet each student where they are. His essential teaching is embodiment. He strives to demystify the process of embodiment by offering clear and direct teachings that strike the heart of this practice.

In 2012 he left his life as an Electrical Engineer and traveled to Thailand, Nepal and India for a year in full time retreat. He has been living as a full time Yogi ever since. Out of over 9000 hours of formal practice, 600 days of full time retreat and 10+ years of study, there has emerged a clarity within him that this practice is real and has the power to radically transform your body, mind and life.

He is a Basic Mindfulness facilitator, practicing 8+ years with Shinzen Young and 3 years full time at a Modern Monastery, The Center for Mindful Learning, with Soryu Forall. He has trained with Alan Wallace in Cultivating Emotional Balance, Shamatha, Vipassana and Dzogchen. He initially studied Yoga with Kathy McNames through the Yoga Vermont teacher training in 2008. He also completed the Anusara Yoga Immersion with Todd Norian and Ann Green and the Self Transformation Program at Swami Rama’s ashram in Rishikesh, India, integrating his knowledge of mindfulness with the physical practices of the energetic body.