Erin Keeley

March 3, 2017

Erin Keeley (MS, ERYT) is a coach, life-long tantrika, program leader, and curriculum designer and has been studying spiritual philosophy, therapeutic alignment, and creative movement practices for over 20 years.

Her lineage is diverse:  Anusara, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Family/Kids Yoga and more, with respected world-renowned teachers. Most influentially, she studied extensively in India and the states with her mentor Dr. Douglas Brooks, in the Southern Indian temple Shakta/Srividya Tantric traditions. Erin’s classes are known for incorporating advanced and complex spirituality and philosophy into palpable and enjoyable kinesthetic learning in the body. Perhaps most importantly, Erin has discovered the power that comes in savoring life, in all its flavors and messes.

Erin is certified as an Integral Circling Facilitator (Authentic Relating), has a master’s degree in Engineering, spent 15 years directing gymnastics programs for teens and was a experiential education high school teacher. She has written and directed local and regional yoga teacher training programs since 2007. She was featured in the June 2014 Yoga Journal Issue and has filmed video courses for Yoga Journal.