The What & Why of Circling

May 20, 2014

We know the power of gaining new perspective on ourselves and our lives, and how circling can so powerfully deliver this experience. Listen to this recording between Decker Cunov and Michael Porcelli where they unpack how rare the kinds of experiences are that happen in circling, even though they seem so fundamentally simple.

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The Inaugural International Circling Conference and Gathering,
The Circling Summit, is now open for registration and proposals.

From the earliest formal coursework in Circling with the Arete Experience in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999 to the Men’s Circle on the beach, The Authentic Man Program, The Authentic Woman Experience, and Aletheia at The Integral Center in 2011, the community of Circling, Authentic Relating, and Authentic Relating Games has grown worldwide with events as far and wide as New York, D.C., Malibu, Oslo, Phenom Penh, Phoenix, Toronto, Austin, Portland, LA, and more. 2014 to date has seen more Circling-based deep-dive weekend experiential intensives worldwide than there have been weekends! We stand together near the beginning of a worldwide flourishing of our community of practice. Please join us at The Integral Center for the first gathering of these tribes at the first ever global Circling Summit, September 4-7th, 2014, Boulder Colorado.

To Co-Create This Event We Want Your Help! What should we do?

We’re in the process of curating the schedule format with presentations, workshops, panel discussions, play opportunities, and of course loads of circling with your global family! Do you want to lead one of these? If so, please see our Request for Proposals outline and submit your ideas ASAP!
Proposals for segments must be received by June 30th, 2014.

  • Hanneh

    You say:
    In circling we get to know “ourselves”
    Which self!?
    You say:
    We get to know many perspectives
    Who’s perspectives!?
    Sounds like you are talking about the person
    About ego
    About that which we are not
    About that which does not exist
    I thought the Integral Center was a place for spiritual
    An organization providing tools for discovering who we truly
    If Circling is a spiritual tool
    It is only helpful
    If the stories that are shared
    Are seen as just that – stories
    Ideas of who we think we are
    When dwelling in the person is supported
    Our problems or issues
    Only change titles
    As we never get to the core of what creates them
    If circling was used to help a person see
    That there is no person
    There is no-one living these stories
    Then it could help free someone
    From their story
    From their person ..from ego..
    Then it could help someone discover, awaken to who they
    really are.
    Which would be the end of problems or issues to share
    In my opinion
    A spiritual organizations main objective
    Is to help their members discover their true nature
    And when they do
    All offerings point back to this main objective
    When we are encouraged to talk about our stories
    We are lead in the wrong direction
    Away from who we truly are
    Deeper into our illusion
    And no-where near Our True Self
    Or whatever you prefer to call it.