Weekly Update for 10/12/17

October 12, 2017

Greetings Community,

The Meditation Room is going to be opening up again next month so I’d like to find a full-time renter for either the Meditation Room again or the White Room below it, leaving one available to the community. The Meditation Room is $1200/mo and the White room is $1000/mo. Please send people my way, thanks!

In This Issue:

  • Robert interviews Jonathan Bender about Self-righteousness in Spiritual Communities.
  • Game Night is back with Amelia Broughton and Benjamin Kayat leading this Thursday.
  • Wednesday night dance is now a Contact Improv intro class followed by open movement jam.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.

Self-righteousness in Spiritual Communities

Jonathan Bender and Robert discuss one of the most predictable traps people fall into within spiritual growth and development communities. If you believe that you or your community are beyond this, then this one’s especially for you. 😉

Topics include:
– Self-righteousness, denigrating superiority, and taking a moral high-ground
– How do we handle idealogical diversity?
– Being judgemental of judgement, and intolerant of intolerance
– How maintain our genuine curiosity in the face of diversity, instead of needing the other to see the world the way we do
– How do we hold humility and discernment
– The silver lining of these challenging times

Jonathan will be presenting and facilitating his Connection Jam at the upcoming Relational Leadership Summit in Boulder Colorado, Oct 26-29th. Learn more here: relationalleadershipsummit.com

Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA teaches conscious and growing humans how to claim their voice and make a real difference in the world. In the past 20 years, he has coached thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, executives and agents of change become confident, authentic and dynamic speakers who change lives. Jonathan’s work blends professional speaking skills with performance technique (acting, voice and movement) and personal and spiritual growth, and certifies coaches in his method. Jonathan is also the creator of Connection Jams™ and The Performance of Your Life™, and people from 5 continents have taken his signature online training, Claim Your Voice: Speak with Power and Presence. He holds Masters degrees in both communication and performance (including an MFA in Contemporary Performance) from Naropa, and is a theatre director, actor and creator.


Authentic Relating Game Night ~ Identity

October 12th 7:00pm – 9:00pm

 Led by Amelia Broughton and Benjamin Kayat

How do you define yourself? How do you relate to these parts that form your identity? How do you relate to those that you consider are not? Is there any part of you that has been repressed, neglected, avoided, that has been waiting for all this time to blossom and contribute to the magnificent complexity of your personality? How would it be to explore that? How would it be to connect with other people from that part?

This evening of Authentic Relating will be dedicated to the notion of identity and will help you to explore some answers to those questions in a safe container. So if you are curious to see how much more there is in you, come join us!

Our Intimacy and Authentic Relating Games evenings explore the frontiers of highly personal & interactive experience.

A core part of The Integral Center’s “Conscious Nightlife” series, these events are:
– Great opportunities for Intentional Socializing with fellow do-gooder’s, consciousness geeks, curious experimenters & generally adventurous souls.
– Safe places for taking risks, playing a little more outside the box, and discovering more of ourselves than we might in our everyday lives.

Men, women & couples are all welcome to enjoy an evening with us while cultivating a deeper understanding of yourselves and what’s possible in your relationships.

While we sometimes host family or kid-oriented evenings, our regularly scheduled game nights are for adults only (18yrs+).

Give yourself extra time so you can find parking and be here with us ready to start at 7pm sharp.

Free for members of The Integral Center
$15 at the door / $25 for two people

Game night is FIRST TIME FREE, so bring a friend!

Contact Improv and Open Movement

Wednesdays 7:45pm – 8:15pm Contact Improv, 8:15pm – 10:00pm Open Movement

This open movement jam is inclusive of dance ranging from solo to duet to trio to larger ensembles…. expanding awareness from deep within and into the entire space.

Let this space welcome all who come prepared to encounter the present, choice, and curiosity.

Enter and leave at your discretion. Social conversation can be held outside the jam space ~ in Ish’s Cafe.

Sound, Music, Voice, and Song are in service of the space. All levels welcome.

The first half hour, 7:45-8:15pm is a contact improv warm up led by rotating facilitators.

Open Movement Jam (OMJ!) continues…  8:15-10:00pm downstairs in the yoga studio ~ AND on the other side of the door is Ish’s Cafe 7-11pm ~ featuring fresh organic drinks and food and comfortable space for conversation… (If arriving before 7:45pm, please enter from the side door of Integral Center, on Balsam St.)

Free for Integral Center members/ donations accepted – sliding scale

See you on the dance floor …

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