Weekly Update for 11/30/16

November 30, 2016

Greetings Community,

Tonight is going to be a full evening! Community Service followed by Yoga with Sofia, followed by Authentic Relating with Erin, followed by Ecstatic Dance with Danny. It’s all free, so bring your friends! I really encourage you all to check out ALFT which is happening in a week and a half. I did it and loved it! If you want to lead Authentic Relating events and/or increase your leadership skills, it’s great practice.

In This Issue:

  • Jason Digges interviews Brian Tsuchiya about the outcomes of the Briding the Divide event last week.
  • We’re hosting a bad-ass New Year’s party, you won’t want to miss it!
  • A Partner Yoga class will be December 8th and continue in January on alternating Thursdays.
  • Josh Zemel’s How to Sell Anything in an Authentic and Compelling way is next Wednesday at 6:30pm.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.


Bridging the Divide Follow-up ~ Video


2 weeks ago we hosted a truly ground breaking event called Bridging the Divine. Integral Center member Brian Tsuchiya put together and hosted this event. We love it when our members use the space and community to create awesome projects like this! This is follow up video to share a little or what we learned and where this concept event may go in the future.

Satya New Year’s Party

December 31st 7:00pm – Jan 1st 11:00am


An evening of music, movement, connection, & play

Imagine a world where delight & joy rained for all and everyone was embraced as authentic, beautiful souls of the universe — a place where elegant beauty, kombucha, & gluten-free waffles rained in abundance, creating a rainbow kaleidoscope of vibrant fractal energy that healed all. Imagine the frequency of the heart shining so bright that ONLY the truth could be shown, and thus, set you free. AhA, and then… SATYA awakened.

SATYA ~ is a cocreative collaboration among heart warriors creating an atmosphere where truth sings. Come dressed as your best self, prepared to open up & shine bright.


Please note: this event goes to the wheeee! hours of the morning, and into the next day. In order to facilitate a super yummy dreamscape, there will be several areas to slumber. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow! A complimentary gluten-free waffle & fruit breakfast will be provided.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tickets are on sale NOW! This is a limited capacity event and it will sell out.

Early Bird Tickets (Thanksgiving) ~ Ultimate Truth Seeker at $33
Advance Tickets (Dec 15) ~ Becoming Awakened at $44
Remaining Tickets ~ Satya Devas at $55

Ticket price includes all workshops. Purchase now on Eventbrite.com

This is a No Alcohol Event – under 18 allowed with parent or guardian. Any Alcohol brought to the event will be confiscated.

Get more information on the Facebook Event


Giving and Receiving ~ Partner Yoga

December 8th 7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Chapel


This Holiday season take the time to slow down, explore the practice of Partner Yoga, and mindfully explore your relationship to giving and receiving. Partner based yoga is all about giving and receiving energy; and when we’re deeply connected to self and other, we see that giving and receiving are one. Experiencing this simultaneous giving and receiving opens a direct pathway to the root principle of Yoga: Union.

Take what you learn on the mat about your relationship to this exchange of energy into your daily life. Through simple and profound yoga practices, self-reflection, and authentic connection, we learn that the power of presence and connection is the most valuable gift you can give.

Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ is a visionary healing art that expands traditional yoga into the realm of relationship. Designed for two or more people, this practice is not for lovers only but invites everyone into a direct experience of embodied, unity consciousness. The practice utilizes the forms and principles of traditional yoga while incorporating the presence of another to deepen the impact and power of the practice. It expands and awakens our capacity in our individual practice while developing our skills in relating to others. These workshops are designed for all levels of experience and open to individuals, friends or couples.

Lara Barber has been teaching Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ since 2009. She is a passionate yogini and lover of life. Lara teaches classes inspired by her life’s study of massage therapy, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, body-centered awareness, shamanism, and Chinese Meridian Theory. She views the present moment and the body as tools to access great depths of our being. Yoga is an art form that she carves into each practice to restore your body, mind, and soul, to leave you feeling more connected and aligned.
For more information or questions please contact Lara at larastouch@gmail.com

$20 – Register in advance, $15 for IC Members
$25 – at the door.


How to Sell anything in an Authentic and Compelling Way

Wednesday, December 7th 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the Community Lounge


No matter what business you’re in, the skill of helping someone perceive the opportunity of an investment – and to take action on it if it makes sense for them – is tremendously valuable.

Turns out that your greatest allies are already in your toolkit: your natural curiosity, and your authentic moment-to-moment experience.

You’ll learn and practice:
– How to create the conditions under which people become most aware of opportunity
– What leads people to have the highest “buying temperature” when they do perceive value
– An ultra-simple 5-step formula for selling anything in the most authentic and compelling way

FREE for IC members, $15 to the Public

Advance tickets available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/28844695260

About the facilitator:
As an evolutionary coach and consultant, Josh Zemel helps entrepreneurs and executives achieve professional goals while also transforming their life’s ecosystem systemically. As a facilitator and course leader, he teaches Authentic Relating at the Integral Center and around the nation. He was previously SVP at IMM – a digital ad agency he helped build from infancy to over $100M – where he managed marketing strategy for brands such as Toyota.

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