Weekly Update 2/02/17

February 2, 2017

Greetings Community,

It looks like I’m going to be doing T3, yay! At first I thought T3 was just for people obsessed with Circling, but I think it can really help me develop my facilitation and communication skills in general. I originally came to the IC looking for co-working space to do business support offerings, but I also knew I needed to work on my relational skills. I’m so glad that I have been able to spend so much time in circling labs and in these weekend courses. I feel a huge change in my confidence, especially my ability to inspire people with my ideas. Thank you circling trainers!

In This Issue:

  • Last chance to enroll in our 9 month T3 Circling Facilitator Training, it starts February 10th.
  • Robert’s Integral Theory and Practice is happening again Monday Feb 6th at 5pm.
  • Erin Keeley and Booster Blake are leading Game Night Feb 9th with a kissing workshop.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.


Agreements that Support an Integral Culture ~ 2 Videos


Jason Digges and Robert MacNaughton talk about the value of explicit agreements in a community, and share where and how the Integral Center agreements arose. Particularly, Robert describes the “Game of Intimacy” which is an edgy set of agreements that was explored in the early days of the Integral Center community. Then Robert and Jason unpack the agreements that are rigorously practiced in all of our intensive trainings at the Integral Center, and also make up a “Code of Ethics” for the IC community.

Gain practice setting and holding agreements at Train the Trainer T3 starting February 10th.

Find out more at integralcenter.org/t3

Integral Theory and Practice

Monday February 6th 5:00pm-6:30pm in the Chapel

“This exercise of shifting perspectives is perhaps the most core practice you can do in any relationship.” Ken Wilber

We continue our bi-weekly Integral theory & practice series with a dive-in to the fundamental perspectives of any arising moment. From our own “1st-person” perspective, to how we see others, and more importantly–how we see others, seeing us!

Quadrant theory is a core element of AQAL Integral philosophy, and has the power of reconciling premodern, modern, and postmodern worldviews into a elegant transcending yet including meta-perspective. Sexy isn’t it?

Our Integral book for January: Integral Meditation by Ken Wilber has a definitive exploration through quadrants and perspectives.
The Integral book of the month for February will be announced next week.

22 Ways to Kiss Game Night

Thursday February 9th 7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Chapel

In honor of this romantic season, Game Night is offering a special experience.  We’ve asked Booster Blake back to the Integral Center to present his popular playshop “22 Ways To Kiss”!  In this experience, you and your partner will be guided through a series of different kissing styles, each with its own history and poetic instruction.  You will need a kissing partner for this evening, whom will play with exclusively throughout the evening.

Your experience will be facilitated by Booster Blake and Erin Keeley and it’s bound to be a Game Night not to miss!


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