Weekly Update for 3/09/17

March 9, 2017

Greetings Community,

I’m really appreciating Heather McClellan’s research on the common mistakes of Authentic Relating communities. I encourage everyone to watch her video to get an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes and so you can let us know if you’re seeing any of these issues come up here at the IC!

In This Issue:

  • Heather McClellan shares her research on how Authentic Relating communities can go awry in a video from our last Relational Leadership Summit.
  • Our next one-weekend Authentic Relating program, Aletheia is April 21st-23rd.
  • Get the lowdown on what Circling Labs are for and check out the facilitator line-up for next week.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.

Common Failure Modes of Authentic Relating


In her Relational Leadership Summit presentation, Austin and Bay Area authentic relating facilitator Heather McClellan shares her thoughts and research on some of the most common ways that authentic relating practices and communities go awry.

Aletheia ~ Integral Relating Intensive

April 21st through April 23rd

In this one weekend program, the Integral Center team shares with you this unique and powerful art form they have come to call Integral Circling™

Why Come to Aletheia?

Here’s the bottom line: We can all talk about connection and inspiring relationships, but ask yourself this: Are your interactions actually revelatory? Do your day-to-day conversations crack you open, so your life is never the same?

If you’re inspired to have deeper and more rewarding connections, then join us for what promises to be a profound weekend, a benchmark for the depth of connection possible in your life.

The intensive is a 3 day weekend. It will start Friday afternoon and end Sunday evening, in beautiful Boulder, Colorado at The Integral Center’s 12,000 square foot facility, home to a community of people who are pioneering new forms of human transformational practices.


The Aletheia Integral Relating Intensive is not for everyone. Admission is by application only. Find more information and apply at integralcenter.org/aletheia.

Circling Labs

Public: Mondays Noon-3pm Tuesdays 7-9pm Members Only: Wednesdays Noon-3pm

If you are new to the community, coming to a Circling Lab Monday afternoon or Tuesday evening is an easy way to connect with community members and try out The Integral Center’s flagship relational practice. If you’ve been around for awhile, this is a great way to introduce your friends and family members to what we do here. Let’s not keep all this goodness to ourselves!

Wednesdays are our experimental practice time. Facilitators in-training are practicing on community members and we’re all learning more about ourselves in the process. Facilitators have the freedom to change up the format to do activities other than birthday circles.

Facilitators for next week:

  • Monday: Ryu
  • Tuesday: Jason
  • Wednesday: Life

If you have no idea what Circling is, here’s the general idea (Jacki’s version)

Integral Circling is a group conversation with a specially trained facilitator. In a “birthday circle” we focus our attention on one person, the “circlee”. The facilitator guides the conversation with the intention of getting to know what it is like to be the circlee in the present moment. The facilitator and participants ask questions about the circlee’s experience and share what their own experience is like being with the circlee. If the conversation turns to talking about things that happened previously, might happen in the future, or might be happening outside of the room, the facilitator brings the conversation back to what is currently happening in the circle. Circling is not therapy. We are explicitly not trying to fix anything about the circlee or their experience. We are simply finding out what is happening and welcoming it.

Circling helps us build skills like presence, curiosity, self-awareness, and deep listening. It helps us get to know each other and ourselves in a way that many people never experience. Because it is so different from our normal modes of communicating, facilitating circling is incredibly challenging for most people and can take years to master. However, participating is as easy as sitting down and listening.


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