Weekly Update for 4/19/18

April 19, 2018

Greetings Community,

Josh and Kelly’s Enneagram class tonight looks really cool. We’ll keep hosting awesome events like this through the summer, so stay tuned!

In This Issue

  • Tonight Josh Levin and Kelly Larson are doing another Relationships & The Enneagram workshop.
  • Art of Living are doing two more free Mind and Meditation classes before their next weekend program.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.


Relationships & The Enneagram 2

Thursday April 19th 7:00pm – 9:30pm in the Chapel

Have you heard of the Enneagram and want to learn more about it?
Or are you already Enneagram-savvy but want to learn more about how to apply its wisdom in the realm of relationships?
Join Josh Levin & Kelly Larson to explore the Enneagram as a relational tool. You’ll learn how Enneagram traits & cross-type dynamics impact how (and why) you relate to friends, lovers, family, clients, and colleagues (and they to you). We’ll look at the relational strengths & challenges for each type, offering you powerful leverage for creating high quality relationships. Authentic Relating Enneagram practices included!

Suggested donation: $10-20

Not sure what your type is? We can help with that!
Visit http://touchedandtransformed.com/ and take their free quiz to get started.
Want to be more certain of your type? Schedule a personal typing session with Josh Levin either before or after the event, and get a clear answer about your Enneagram type!

Mind and Meditation

Saturdays April 21st and May 5th 10:30am – 11:30am in the White Room

Join us for these amazing free events. Tom Duffy and Namrata Verma will present a fun program. This Saturday at the Boulder Integral Center in the White Room. Unlock the power of your breath and discover the easy, effective approach to meditation that has already helped millions. Join this FREE introductory workshop to the world-renowned Art of Living Happiness Program
 Sat, Apr 21 RSVP:  aolf.us/5gb39
 Sat, May 5 RSVP:   aolf.us/wcha7

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