Weekly Update for 4/5/17

April 5, 2017

Greetings Community,

I have a busy next couple weeks with courses and workshops  here at the IC, including the Encoding Self-Organization Beyond the Work training all day tomorrow, T3 this weekend, and the Across the Divide Permaculture Design Course starting next weekend. Whew, what have I gotten myself into? Well, I know it will be a lot of fun!

In This Issue:

  • We’re saying goodbye to the Dragon Heart Sangha and looking for rent partner(s) for the Meditation Room.
  • Wednesday night dances are reorganizing with different types of dance on different weeks.
  • Coding For Kid’s early bird is available through May 31st, plus 20% off for Integral Center Members.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.

Meditation Room Reorganization

The Dragon Heart Sangha, which has been holding morning Zen Meditation in the Meditation Room for several years now, as decided to move on. The last 7am Zen Meditation will be Thursday, April 13th. Thank you to Brian Turner, Leila Bruno and the dearly departed Brett Walker for taking such good care of this room and contributing mindfulness practices to the community.

This leaves us with some interesting possibilities. This room has been greatly under-utilized. There are only a few rentals scheduled in it, all of which can be moved to other rooms such as the Studio and Chapel. Ideally, it would be great to have another group use it for mindfulness practices, but they would need to be able to help us cover rent. This is a very nice room that could be rented for at least $1500 per month. One organization or several practitioners could cover the rent and use it for regular classes and practices. We currently don’t have enough interest to fully utilize it. If you know of any groups, such as schools of contemplative practices, physical therapies, or movement (not yoga, we have that covered) who are looking for a dedicated or shared space through the end of 2017, please send them our way!


Wednesday Night Dance

Wednesday Nights in the Studio

Below is the new dance schedule. All dances are Free for Integral Center Members and $10 for the general public.

Dance of Connection with Danny Morris

First Wednesdays 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Have you participated authentic relating events and feel frustrated that words just can not convey the expression and feeling present in your body? Have you explored ecstatic dance events and felt a lack of connection with others? Wondering why everyone seems in their own worlds?

Dance of Connection is an experiment to explore these concerns and create a dance community interested in exploring, relationship, connection, and authentic expression. Moving our bodies with our heads held high and eyes wide open, participating in the constant connection with others, seeing each other while not retreating into our own space. Noticing how we show up in our bodies in relationship to everyone on the dance floor, assuming nothing, welcoming everything and everyone. Letting go of our self-conscious resistance to full expression and surrendering to the shared “we” experience of the group constantly in dynamic flow.

Explore remaining in your own personal expression while in relation to someone with a totally different energy. As well as surrendering your individual expression and meeting the other in their energy. Finding a spontaneous natural reaction of one body interacting with another. Become the dance, drop the dancer. Find love and connection through your body.

The class will include: Opening somatic meditation to become embodied, awareness techniques for moving in space with other bodies. facilitation that will push your boundaries of comfort (in a safe way) to breakthrough to new levels of freedom. Closing circle to discuss insights and appreciation for ourselves and others.

Contact Improv with Margo Ende

Second and Fourth Wednesdays 7:45pm – 11:00pm

Contact Improvisation is an improvisational partner dance art form based on the principles of momentum, shared weight, and following a shared point of contact. In this class we will explore some fundamental skills of falling, rolling, counterbalance, and attentiveness to our partners and environment. The class will lead into a contact improvisation jam: an open space in which we can practice and witness these principles and skills, exploring the form of contact improvisation. In the class, I will offer concepts and techniques with which to enter the jam space. You are welcome to join in and dance at the jam even if you do not attend the class.

Class/warm-up 7:45-8:15pm Jam 8:15-11pm

Margo Ende, a life long dancer, began exploring contact improvisation in 1988. Margo has had the great honor to have studied, danced, jammed, collaborated, and performed with incredible innovators in dance improvisation from around the globe. Margo’s many years of enriching research and experience inspire and inform her approach to teaching and dancing.

Partner Dance Play

Third Wednesdays 7:45pm – 10:30pm

You have been asking and here it is Boulder. Let’s up the social dance game in town with an open Jam that welcomes any style of partner dance.

Contact Improv?


Fusion … Swing ?

Space to just move on your own?

Each Month will feature a guest teacher exposing us to different dance styles and elements to integrate into our own unique dance expression.


Coding with Kid’s Summer Camps

Early Bird Ends May 31st + IC Members get a 20% REBATE after signing up

Little Coders / Ages 5-7

Campers will develop computational thinking skills, foster creativity and have fun coding! This camp features a blend of connected and “unplugged” activities to keep campers engaged. Kids will Create their own interactive story or computer game!

Week of June 12th      Mon-Fri      9am-12pm      $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

Week of June 26th      Mon-Fri     9am-12pm       $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

Game Development – Beginner through Advanced / Ages 8-12

Tech-Savvy instructors will introduce students to core coding concepts at the heart of computer science and guide small groups of campers (max. 8) in creating both an interactive story and a video game of their own using Scratch!

Weeks of June 19th & 26th           Mon-Fri      9am-12pm      $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

Weeks of July 5th, 17th & 31st      Mon-Fri     9am-12pm       $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

Minecraft Modding / Ages 8-16

Calling all Minecraft players. Each camper will be given access to their own private Minecraft server where they will customize the game by Coding mods, items, environments, non-playable Characters – and More!

Camp price includes 3-week subscription that can be extended

Week of June 12th                   Mon-Fri      1pm-4pm      $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

Weeks of July 15th & 24th     Mon-Fri     9am-12pm       $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

Web Development / Ages 10-16

Instructors will introduce fundamentals of web design and development. Campers will learn how to create their own website and a web-based game. Projects can be shared with family and friends via Online access through CodePen.

Week of July 24th      Mon-Fri      1pm-4pm      $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

Week of Aug 7th         Mon-Fri     9am-12pm       $279 $249 Early Bird, $200 for IC Members with Rebate

*Early Bird Discounts expire May 31st. Sign up now!

Locations and Registration Visit the Coding with Kids website www.codingwithkids.com

Questions? Email the Coding with Kids Team at info-denver@codingwithkids.com


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