Weekly Update for 6/6/18

June 6, 2018

Greetings Community,

What, What? Another Aletheia? Yes, it’s not over yet! I have friends who still haven’t gone, it’s time to bug them about it before Early Bird ends. We’re also having a Circling Extravaganza in August, check it out on the calendar at the bottom of this newsletter.

In This Issue

  • Chris Emerson and Heather Fester are leading the next Integral Salon on June 25th
  • We’re squeezing in one more Aletheia this summer July 20th – 22nd, early bird tickets are on sale now
  • Kraye Grymonnt is doing another Intro to Dojo on Thursday, June 21st

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.

Integral Salon ~ Integral God

Monday June 25th 5:00pm – 6:30pm in the Chapel

Hosts: Chris Emerson and Heather Fester

How do we conceptualize and experience “God” (by any other name) from integral levels of development? How can we embody 1st, 2nd and 3rd-person perspectives of God? What is humanity’s place and ultimate purpose in the Kosmos? Join Heather and Chris as we get to the bottom of these questions once and for all.

Free for Integral Center Members, $15 suggested donation for non-members

Aletheia ~ Integral Relating Intensive

July 20th – 22nd

It’s the little center that cried “Aletheia!” We said the last one was the final opportunity, but the center is open longer than we anticipated granting us the opportunity to circle-up again!

The Aletheia intensive is a 3-day deep-dive into community practice where we train with the tools to see and invite out the worlds of deep connection and richness available in every relationship and interaction.

Who comes to Aletheia? Check-out these perspectives:

In this weekend, The Integral Center team shares with you unique and powerful art forms of Relational Leadership and Interpersonal Facilitation.

Early Bird Sales end June 30th

Get $150 off the ticket price

Intro to Dojo

Thursday June 21st 6:00pm – 9:00pm in the Chapel

What happens if:
Values structure your thoughts, your actions, your experiences, your reality.
Values are learned.
You can learn to embody values that are more aligned with what you think you want your life to be about, if your current values are not giving you the life you want to have.
Your life is about having the experiences you want to have.Intro to Dojo is a bit of lecture, a lot of pictographs, an exercise or two and Q&A. The bare bones of Dojo.

Cost: FREE!

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