Weekly Update for 6/08/17

June 8, 2017

Greetings Community,

I’ve been loving going to Circling Labs this week. I got circled twice and both were amazing. Thank you Aaron and Mikell for your outstanding Circling. I can hardly wait for T3 this weekend!

In This Issue:

  • Danny Morris is leading a Game Night on June 22nd with the theme Extroverts vs. Introverts.
  • The next Authentic Man Program is coming up June 30th – July 2nd.
  • Robert’s MacNaughton will be giving another enlightening Integral Salon on the topic “Retro-romanticism and the Pre/Trans Fallacy” on June 12th with special guest Santiago Jimenez.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.

Extroverts vs. Introverts Game Night

Thursday June 22nd 7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Chapel

Some of us have an easy time being big, being loud, being outgoing, being connected to others. Some of us have an easy time in silence, in simplicity, staying inward and connecting to our selves. I find it is easy to feel alone and like something is wrong when we compare our natural state of being to others, thinking we need to change to match them. What happens if we truly embrace how we like to show up and inquire into what that is like. What can introverts and extroverts learn from each other by understanding their worlds and being willing to meet them in it.

Come play some games to explore these parts of our selves, getting time to be in your comfort zone and time to push your edge.

Led By Danny Morris @ TBT


Our Intimacy and Authentic Relating Games evenings explore the frontiers of highly personal & interactive experience.

A core part of The Integral Center’s “Conscious Nightlife” series, these events are:
– Great opportunities for Intentional Socializing with fellow do-gooder’s, consciousness geeks, curious experimenters & generally adventurous souls.
– Safe places for taking risks, playing a little more outside the box, and discovering more of ourselves than we might in our everyday lives.

Men, women & couples are all welcome to enjoy an evening with us while cultivating a deeper understanding of yourselves and what’s possible in your relationships.

While we sometimes host family or kid-oriented evenings, our regularly scheduled game nights are for adults only (18yrs+).

Give yourself extra time so you can find parking and be here with us ready to start at 7pm sharp.

Free for members of The Integral Center
$15 at the door / $25 for two people

Game night is FIRST TIME FREE, so bring a friend!

Authentic Man Program

Friday June 30th – Sunday July 2nd

For years now, men all over the planet have been pouring astonishing amounts of energy into taking seminars & ‘bootcamps’, spending countless hours on email lists & forums, reading every article they can get their hands on…all around the subject of how to have what they think they want with women.

In a time when men are still massively out of touch with our own emotions and passion, pain & frustration with women is the one thing that consistently cattle-prods men into finally taking a look at our lives with honesty & depth.

But for men delving beyond simply avoiding a divorce, beyond learning to get more phone numbers, this journey is turning out to be more than they’d bargained for…

Men’s disconnection with women, it turns out, is simply a bread crumb trail back to where we’re disconnected from ourselves.

Nowhere else can you find a curriculum sophisticated enough to facilitate such profound shifts in your relating with women. The AMP Intensive offers you…

1. Direct Experiences With Our Skilled, Heart-Open AMP Women

2. Unparalleled Personalized Attention

You will receive precise & in-the-moment feedback in AMP. Our courses are small (12 men), and there is more than a 1:1 ratio between expert facilitators/staff & participants.

AMP’s #1 Guarantee: Every man leaves distinctly aware of subtle behaviors that unknowingly kill attraction with women. These ways of being have often been under your radar for years!

3. Optimal Training Environment & Dedicated Support Staff

The Integral Center is perfectly designed for deep personal work & specialized training scenarios. Our dedicated support staff will see to it that you’ll have no distractions from your experience, handling any personal needs from ever-full water bottles to personal check-in’s & genuine camaraderie.

4. Personal Pre-Course Coaching Call with an AMP Course Leader

Personal Pre-Course Coaching Call with an AMP Course Leader. Your intensive begins before you even arrive…after a brief check-in exploration with an AMP Course Leader, men consistently report having huge ‘lightning-bolt moments’ around what they really want & what’s actually in their way.

  • A Deeper Understanding & Direct Experience of what’s possible in relating with women
  • Effective Fundamentals to practice on-goingly
  • Profound New Awareness of unconscious ways you’ve unknowingly been for years!
  • Access to new ways of being that lead to amazing & rewarding experiences with women

For more information and to enroll visit http://integralcenter.org/authentic-man-program-2017/

Integral Salon: Retro-romanticism & the Pre/Trans Fallacy

Monday June 12th 5:00pm – 6:30pm in the Chapel

 “You have to be somebody before you can be nobody.”
Jack Engler

We’ll continue our ongoing discussion about Integral theory and application this coming week with a topic that is a poerful and relevant distinction as we work with the rise of postmodern worldviews.

Ever heard someone say that we’d be better off if we could just go back to being “enlightnened” “free” babies? Or, that the peoples before modernity had it more “figured-out” than we do today?

There are better and worse ways to relate to such perspectives.

We’ll also be joined by special guest, and Colombian Integral community leader, Santiago Jimenez. Santiago will be facilitating an event immediately following our salon:https://www.facebook.com/events/205056566681955/

Recommended reading/watching:
Ken on the Pre/Trans fallacy:

Chapter 6 of Eye of Spirit by Ken Wilber:
The Recaptured God



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