Weekly Update for 8/29/18

August 29, 2018

Greetings Community,

This is my last week here and my last newsletter to you all. Thank you everyone for an amazing 4 years in Boulder! I have learned so much and gained many best friends and best memories. Now I am off to take on Henryetta, Oklahoma. I will be back the first week of October to help clear out the building so if you come by to shop or help I’ll see you again. Until then please help Robert keep an eye on the place. Let him know if you need anything or if anything seems odd. He’ll take over my email address. Goodbye for now!

In This Issue

  • Ken Wilber will be here on Sunday, September 16th for a Live Q&A talk
  • Last chance to join Tal Shai’s Soul Movement Method workshop this Friday
  • CULTure Club is a late night community discussion group Wednesday and Thursday nights

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.

Ken Wilber ~ An Integral Vision for Humanity Live Q&A

Sunday, September 16th 3:00pm – 5:00pm in the Chapel

Ken Wilber is one of the most widely studied American Philosophers with over 30 books spanning the past 40 years. Beyond that he has inspired a global movement of thought-leaders and change-makers with a more comprehensive map of human understanding, and a vision for a more good, true, and beautiful world.

His work has been the primary inspiration for the Integral Center and the global community that has grown from it. It only makes sense that as we near the completion of the Integral Center, that our pioneering visioneer, teacher, and friend honors us one more time for a public event to share his latest and greatest wisdom.

We’ll be gathering questions from attendees (in-person or livestream) at time of registration so we can curate and prepare for an engaging gathering.

General Admission: $50 for the first 50 seats,
($65 from there on) *

Livestream video and recording registration: $20 **

* Active Integral Center Members can register in-person seats at a $30 disconut using the discount code emailed to them.

** Livestream registrants will receive an email with the livestream link at least 24hrs before the event. We’ll do our best to ensure high quality video streaming, but can’t guarantee the stream will be stable the entire time. We’ll provide access to the recorded video within 30 days following the event.

The Soul Movement Method LIVE Immersion

Friday August 31st 10:00am – 4:30pm

The Soul Movement Method® LIVE is a one day LIVE IMMERSION for visionary entrepreneurs, evolutionary leaders, coaches, creatives and transformational facilitators who are ready to EMBODY their purpose, prosperity and authentic path, by harnessing a somatic-based methodology designed to clear hidden blocks, release ancestral entanglements, access inner resources and pinpoint the ROOT CAUSE of what holds them back from fully THRIVING IN RELATIONSHIP, BUSINESS AND LIFE. ___________________________________________________________________

TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER: http://www.talshai.com/soulmovementlive/ ___________________________________________________________________

ABOUT THE SOUL MOVEMENT METHOD® The Soul Movement Method® is a somatic-based methodology that harnesses a higher field of consciousness – our Soul Field™ – to make known and conscious that which is invisible to the untrained eye, yet effects all that is visible. It blends goal-oriented coaching processes, body-intelligence and psycho-spiritual modalities to help you attune to the subtle language of soul and directly channel this wisdom into effective strategy and momentum that affects sustainable, long-lasting results in relationship, business and life. The Soul Movement Method® is a culmination of Tal Shai’s many years of experience and immersion in the fields of psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, family constellations, global business coaching, peace-building facilitation and energetic healing modalities. Tal was invited to present The Soul Movement Method® at The International Transpersonal Conference in Prague (2017). ___________________________________________________________________

TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER: http://www.talshai.com/soulmovementlive/ ___________________________________________________________________

ABOUT TAL SHAI Tal Shai (M.A. Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Spiritual Psychology) is a Psychotherapist turned Intuitive Business Coach and Founder of The Soul Movement Method®. She helps visionary entrepreneurs and transformational facilitators manifest a thriving lifestyle and business by harnessing The Soul Movement Method®, a somatic-based methodology designed to reveal hidden blocks, clear ancestral entanglements and access the root cause of what holds one back from authentic freedom in relationship, business and life. Tal certifies coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners in The Soul Movement Method®, helping them add a powerful system to accentuate and expand their own practice. She is also a certified therapist and supervisor with Eurotas (European Transpersonal Association). Having studied, worked and lived in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA, she is a conscious global citizen who passionately serves her tribe from wherever she resides on this planet. ___________________________________________________________________

TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER: http://www.talshai.com/soulmovementlive/ ___________________________________________________________________

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “THE SOUL MOVEMENT METHOD® is miracle work. It’s another band of frequencies I have not experienced before. I was floored by the simplicity of what you were doing and yet the infinite layers to it.” – Amanda, Master Channeler and Radio Host, USA “In my opinion, Tal’s tools are groundbreaking in that it doesn’t have to be complicated, or take forever to clear deep-seated issues. ” – Anael, Peace Practitioner and Author “Although I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of this work, my first experience with THE SOUL MOVEMENT METHOD® blew me away!:” – Cheryl, Caretaker Watersong Peace Chamber “My experience at THE SOUL MOVEMENT METHOD® immersion surprised me very much! I was not expecting to have such a positive and deep release.” – Roxy, Business Owner “Seeing the energy clearing at work was amazing and eye opening.” – Trudi, Financial Consultant ___________________________________________________________________

TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER: http://www.talshai.com/soulmovementlive/ ___________________________________________________________________

CULTure Club Conscious Community Parlay

Wednesdays, 11:11pm – 2:22am and Thursdays 11:11pm – 3:33am at Ish’s Bar

Wednesdays are classic… CULT-ure Classic. After Boulder Dance Jamswe will drop in to discuss the very exciting future of conscious community in Boulder. We are unified by our collective mission and are here creating regenerative solutions in a BIG way. We are so excited for you to join us in celebration as we create a Conscious Unified Love Tribe.

C.U.L.T.ure Club is hosting many events but we are especially tickled pink to roll call our revolutionaries! Come CULT-ivate the future of our community. Join us on an adventure to bridge the 5D to the 3D.

$10 entry includes one beverage or food item and helps to support the space. We will be serving CULT-aid (aka Ish’s brew) and serving amazing food! The vibes are sky high! MEOW!

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