Weekly Update for 9/21/17

September 21, 2017

Greetings Community,

Beija’s Healing Market is tomorrow night starting at 6pm. Drop in to check out some local healers and have a dance party in the Studio. Ish’s area will be open with catered food. Other vendors will be around the building with products and sample healing sessions to try out different modalities. Sounds like fun to me!

In This Issue:

  • Robert MacNaughton interviews Michael Welp about creating cultures of inclusion.
  • Charles Crutchfield will be leading the next Integral Salon on Monday at 5pm.
  • Gaia Orion will be displaying her art in the Chapel and Community Lounge Thursday Sept 28th.

There’s a lot of great events so look at our online calendar for more info and any last minute changes.


In Community,
Jacki Saorsail
Membership Coordinator, Building Manager, etc.

Diversity Training in Western Culture

Michael Welp is co-founder of White Men as Full Diversity Partners, and for thirty years has worked extensively with leadership teams in organizations around the world to grow courageous leadership skills, transform conflict, and create cultures of full inclusion.

Michael and Robert discuss the importance of Relational Leadership training given our current global and cultural challenges.

Topics discussed:
– What is relational leadership, and why is it so important in this challenging political climate?
– Discovering our cultural blind-spots; seeing the water that we swim in
– Head vs Heart — Do we have to choose between rationality and emotionality?
– Listening to fix or debate compared to listening to relate
– How to model what we want to see in the world with our relationships
– The Sameness / Difference paradox. How are we all the same, and different based on our cultures and as individuals.
– How courageous conversations can lead to better results and performance

Michael will be presenting and facilitating at the upcoming Relational Leadership Summit in Boulder Colorado, Oct 26-29th. Learn more here: relationalleadershipsummit.com


Integral Salon with Charles Crutchfield

Monday September 25th 5pm – 6:30pm in the Chapel

Integral Salon – Activism, Violence, Justice, Resistance – What’s an Integralist To Do?

Join us again this Monday evening for our ongoing conversation about Integral Theory & Practice.

We’ll be talking about how we can make a positive difference in the world and its future. What to do, to not do, to change or keep the same? And how we can be a help rather than a nuisance.


A Brush For Change Art Show Opening

Thursday September 28th 6-9pm Upstairs

Canadian Visionary Artist Gaia Orion Exhibits Transformational New Work at the Integral Centre (in Boulder, CO) The Call: A Brush for Change from September 28 to October 28, 2017.

– Show opening event is September 28th from 6 pm to 9 pm.
– Artist Talk from 6 pm to 6:45 pm.
– A Tree Of Life Art Workshop will be offered by Gaia at the Integral Centre on October 28th from 3:30 pm to 5 pm. Please contact Gaia art@gaiaorion.com if you are interested.
– September 26th Creativity Salon at Iris Farmhouse in Boulder. An intimate night with sharing the artist story and process and a littel art exercise that you can bring back home and post on your fridge! irisfarmhouse@gmail.com to rsvp to go the fb eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1984898668452206/

For more info on the artist go to www.GaiaOrion.com/Upcoming-Exhibitions

Artist Talk: Through sharing and discussion Orion takes attendees on her journey and call to transform the collective consciousness through mindful discovery and self-expression with a reception that follows. Twenty-six of Orion’s new visionary pieces will be on display until October 28, 2017.

“We are living in an ultra-fast changing, challenging time,” Orion said. “Beautiful things are happening and horrifying things are happening. My personal journey led me to use my brush to create visions for a new conscious world. I encourage others to explore and express their innate talents and raise their own consciousness, in turn, affecting positive change in the world. Positive sustainable change can only come from a positive sustainable consciousness.”

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