We will now be open through September 2018! Take advantage of this amazing building and community while it lasts!

There are many reasons to become a member of The Integral Center but the main benefit is being immersed in a community of other members who are committed to having more flourishing lives.  By being surrounded by and practicing with others who really want to grow, our own growth can’t help but skyrocket!  So come join a group of folks who just really care about discovering and bringing their greatest gifts to meet the world’s greatest needs.


We support the community’s development in many ways at the Integral Center: relationship practice, yoga & embodiment, livelihood & career support, contemplative practice, conscious nightlife, thought-leader seminars, and a lot more. The following interactive schedule shows all classes that are free for members in the top portion and weekend events that are discounted for members in the Special Events section. Click on event titles for more information. For a mobile-friendly version of the schedule Click Here.

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$75 per month**

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* To get the membership discount on a room rental, you MUST sign up for membership BEFORE requesting the rental. Membership discounts on rentals are only valid for events organized and led by that member. You cannot book a room for someone else using your membership rate. Events held by an organization can only get the membership rate if the Owner or CEO of that company is a member.

** Membership dues are charged monthly with an automatic credit or debit card withdrawal. To cancel email

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“Relationship seems to be more important than ever and yet more elusive than ever. For all of postmodernism’s emphasis on the relational or cultural components of life, they have offered pitifully little in terms of actual practices to authentically awaken and get in touch with this dimension. This is where The Integral Center excels!”

Probably the most complete and loving transformational center in the world as of today. If you come from abroad… consider that you might extend your stay once you’ve tasted the place!!

For the past 2 years, The Integral Center has been an important part of my life. It’s a community center where I’ve worked, played, learned, led, and taught. It’s also a living experiment in what it means to create conscious community. And wow, what a wild, precious, human ride that’s been: love and anger, conflict and compassion, sexuality and silliness, raucous celebration and sweet silence, confusion and clarity, pain and joy. All this and more is held in a big integral embrace that, in theory and very often in practice, expansively welcomes and honors it.

Through the practices done here, the community that shows up, the transformation and growth opportunities, and the relationships that form out of all of those, I’ve learned that I don’t have to take care of myself.  People want to be there for me, I just have to give them the opportunity to be.

In the growing epidemic of isolation, the Integral Center is like a lighthouse, shining love and connection out across the world.  And I mean this literally.  People come from all over the world to be in and to learn how to create the kind of community that we’re creating.  The kind of community where people can be fully themselves; where people can ask for help and receive it; where people genuinely and deeply care about one another; where people can struggle and mess up; where people can show up however they are, without having to cover up, or hide what’s going on for them.